70 Year after D-day

D Day Jeep70 Year after D-day. Military vehicles from WWII

This year is seventy years since tens of thousands of Allied soldiers stepped out of their landing craft in the early morning to fight on the beaches of French Normandy to free Europe from the German occupier.

And although the human veterans of that time - old soldiers do not die, they just fade away - the interest in old army vehicles is greater than ever. And it is surprising how many of those veterans still roam around.

Owning - and restoring - such a veteran is a party. The owner has a real time machine. And the great thing is that these ex WWII vehicles are now fast enough for local traffic and old journeys.

This is partly due to another piece of 'aging': the pensionado's that fiddle around at weekends with their atrose-friendly pastries at speeds of up to sixty kilometers per hour.

Vehicles from WWII are permanently holder-free, simple, reliable and often surprisingly affordable.

Only the fuel consumption can be surprising. We know someone with a White truck. It runs two on one.

The owner has found something on it. He has become a museum. And now tank duty free

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