70 year Porsche in Autoworld Brussels

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By: Geert Huylebroeck

Every year Autoworld organizes an end-of-year exhibition and since the first Porsche was built 70 years ago, this time the whole story of that evolution is told on the basis of sixty cars. The exhibition was made possible by the support of Porsche Import and the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, as well as thanks to many collectors who lent a car.
To fully immerse the visitor in the Porsche universe and its subtle evolutions, the cars are presented in various zones and configurations.

The beginning

The original 356 family (Keibl, Gmünd, 356 A, 356 B, 356 C) - the very first cars of the brand - are exhibited in their unrestored condition. Of the Keibl convertible, only 2 were built and one of them is showing off in an adapted environment.

A little further on, a dozen Porsches tell the evolution of the brand on a podium, going from the 356 (a Roadster by D'Ieteren), over the 911, 914, 924 and the prototype of the 928 (75 years of Porsche) to the 944 and the 968. And also the Boxster and the Cayenne of the first generation could not be missed.
The 911 RSs (RennSport) also get a privileged place. No less than eight cars - all versions! - testify to their technological and aesthetic progress.


And then we remain silent about the Speedsters! From the 356 to the 991 (Phase II 70 years edition), five cars are on display. They are flanked by a series of racing monsters, the brand's DNA. With nineteen victories in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Porsche is currently the world's leading manufacturer of competition cars. A whole zone has been devoted to these models, with cars such as the 917 Psychedelic, the Porsche 935 that used to belong to Jacky Ickx, the LMP2 and other models, one more impressive than the other. Perhaps somewhat inconspicuous among all that fierce sponsorship-colored violence, a completely original 911R. He looks very good, without stickers, completely painted in white, but if you know that only 20 were built then you know that as an enthusiast you can appreciate that a little bit more.

Still limited shelf life

A visit is therefore more than worthwhile. If you are one of these in the area, then leave the Christmas market for what it is and move to the Cinquantenaire Park. A ticket costs you a maximum of € 12, you can book online for € 1 less and students, seniors and children receive an even more discount. With your entrance ticket you can also view the entire permanent collection of the museum, which in itself can be called impressive. Attention, the Porsche exhibition is only there until January 27, 2019.

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