9e Salt Grand Prix brought 250.000 enthusiasts to mind

Salty Grand Prix
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By: Dirk Ivens and Guy Verhulst

On Thursday 4 October the first vintage cars expected from the 215, including 60 Porsches, made their appearance for scrutineering. The cars were first provided with a tracing system and stickers before they could undergo a brief technical inspection. From 14u00, the participants were getting ready to ride a prologue in the hinterland. For example, the starting positions were determined for the official start on Friday. Famous participants this year were Philippe Geubels, Veronique De Cock, Nafi Thiam, Jef Neve, Ruben Van Gucht, Koen Wouters and others.

At the same time, 15 stages were set up in the Kustlaan and Albertplein in front of the Top Marques where the sponsoring brands presented their latest models. That also attracted many spectators. 

On Friday, 8u15 was given a sharp start by Mayor Leopold Lippens. The participants had to take a course of approximately 250 km. Those who participated in the regularity rally still had to take several time trials along the way. The afternoon stop took place on the beautiful market square of Ypres. There was actually a fairground atmosphere because of the Ferris wheel that was installed there.
The beautiful cars drove past the famous Menin Gate and thus created a distinct image. The participants did lunch in the Cloth Hall after they had visited the exhibition about the First World War. After lunch, the rally returned to Knokke via Diksmuide where a lot of kilometers were driven along the banks of the Yser. In Heist another sprint, the Flying Mile, was ridden in the De Taeye stadium and a slalom on the Graaf d'Ursellaan. After these tests, the cars arrived at the Zeedijk, close to Albertplein, under great public interest. 

From 17u30 the Bonhams auction started with the Rolls Royce of Mohammed Ali as a major eye-catcher. This car would eventually be sold for € 132.250. Land Rover Defender was also offered on a chocolate made by Dominique Persoone of The Chocolate Line. He eventually sold for € 575. An Aston Martin DB4 'Series V' Vantage Sports Saloon was sold for a record amount of € 1.212.250. These prices include auction costs.

Saturday 6 October, 2de day of the ZGP Rally, the cars drove from 8u30 towards East Flanders and Zeeland Flanders. The afternoon stop was planned at the Grote Geul in Assenede where a tent camp was actually stored. The parking was completely laid out with metal road plates in case it would rain. An excellent organization and a delicious lunch made sure that there were satisfied participants and smiling faces. In Breskens, another qualification test was taken, after which everyone left for Knokke. The real rally drivers could indulge themselves and show their best side, with spectacular images as a result.

Meanwhile, the first participants arrived in Knokke where they had to make their way through a crowd to the stage. Many people also because the cars for the Concours d'Elegance could already be admired at the Zoute Golf Club.

From 20u30, the participants were expected for a gala dinner where the winners of the Zoute Rally were announced. The winners of this 9de edition of the ZGP Rally the team became Vynckier –Mathijs in a Porsche 356 A from 1957. For the Haelvoet-Ampe teams, they finished in an Austin Healey 100 / 4 BN2 from 1954 and Verstraete-Verstraete in a Jaguar XK 120SE from 1953.

At the Pre-Wars, the Vervisch-Vanneste team was the big winner in a MG Q-type from 1936.

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