• Citroën BX GTI from 1990 from Bram. An exceptional specimen.

    Citroën BX GTI from 1990 from Bram. An exceptional specimen.

    The right car at the right time, after getting his driver's license Bram was able to enrich his life with a 32-year-old Citroën BX GTI. He found this gem of the French car industry at the local dealer, where this serviceable classic has been in the possession of the previous owner for more than 10 years. Through: […] More

  • Citroën BX 4TC a huge gamble

    Citroën BX 4TC a huge gamble

    The BX-XL with a substantial power and nose. Unfortunately, he never really came out of the paint, and certainly not from the showroom, this one Citroën BX 4TC. This rally version of the normal BX was also equipped with the formidable hydropneumatic suspension system. A brilliant idea, it seemed, but where the system […] More

  • Citroen BX Sport 1986. The real iconic Flodder BX 1

    Citroën BX Sports (1986). The real iconic 'Flodder' BX 

    The chance that you have a Citroen BX Sport in everyday traffic is getting smaller and smaller. It's actually a bit of nostalgia. The BX models made for peak performance – such as the GT and the Sport – have become rare. It is a high-profile youngtimer, and this very fine and comfortable, reasonably modern car has not yet been forgotten.  More

  • Citroën BX 14

    Citroën BX 14 purchase advice, finally recognition

    Holdership free or not. The Citroën The BX 14 consumes as much as a hybrid, weighs next to nothing and is exemplary reliable. And hydraulics are more beautiful than a bunch of batteries. The Citroën BX, the 1400 cc version. The hood of such a BX can be made of plastic just as easily as of steel. Among those […] More

  • Citroën BX front

    Citroën BX

    Citroëns entry-level middle class with a virgin 24.000 kilometers Citroën BX Nix He seems derogatory, the headline above this article, but so is the base BX in Citroëncircles are always indicated. In the frugal Netherlands, this absolute scraper version was in great demand, tactically offered just under twenty grand. Such a copy was preserved in fabulously beautiful condition and that […] More

  • Citroën BX Deauville

    Citroën BX Deauville, new inside and out

    This Citroën BX Deauville from 1993 is shining, but the unprecedented driving comfort has not been experienced for more than 23 years. The car was purchased in 1993 and traded in after 3 years. Then came the original and striking Citroën after only 36.000 km no longer on the road. Still, the Citroën BX […] More

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