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    Moto Guzzi Cali Aqua. A one off made in NL

    We saw him during a targeted purchase at Joop, the former manager of the vegan (!) motorcycle camping Het Dijkje: De Moto Guzzi Aqua. That turned out to be a beautiful, completely blue, chic trimmed Moto Guzzi Cali 1100 cc injection bike with technical upgrades and a level of finish that is unprecedented for an Italian. The secret behind that beauty and perfection? The Guzzi was and is a one-off special made at Guzzi Specialist BCI. More

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    Moto Guzzi V50 NATO. Dutch Hope in Scared Days

    Willy van Gent was an importer and entrepreneur. He had vision. He thought he could give his company a fantastic boost and foundation by selling Moto Guzzi's to the Dutch government. In Italy, was the government also the cork on which the parent company floated? You don't want to know how much lobbying, scheming, conferencing and ladies of easy virtue have invested in it. But the bullet went through the church and the Royal Army was going to drive Guzzi. More

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    Moto Guzzi V35: the small cattle twin

    In the mild trend 'smaller is finer' we have already made more comments about the fact that more than 1000 cc and (much) more than 100 hp can of course be very impressive. When you open the throttle on such a big classic, well ... something happens. Leaving aside all the emotions of controlling and playing that brutal violence: You are flashed and you are the Jack. More

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    Moto Guzzi and the great crooked thinking

    After driving around on old 'big' Moto Guzzi's for about a quarter of a century, a V65C was recently purchased. Nowadays I drive a maximum of about 10D kilometers, and that is also possible with less than 1000 cc. Moto Guzzi: a matter of weight It is not inconvenient that such a small Guzzi is really much smaller […] More

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