• Volvo P1800

    Volvo P1800. The Saint's car

    Recently, in what was probably a repeat of a repeat, there was an episode of Wheeler Dealers where a Volvo P1800 was rescued. Saving Volvo P1800s is a good plan! My most traumatic memory of such a smooth Volvo was the time I gave a dealer a eager rust-eaten copy to […] Read more

  • Volvo P1800S

    Volvo P1800S Volvoville

    Convertible versions have been built by various coachbuilders on the basis of the Volvo P1800S – which actually stands on a shortened 'floor' of an Amazon. Volvo would have liked to do that itself, but thought it would be too expensive and the project would also end up as a two-seater. Volvoville In 1965, the British coachbuilder […] Read more

  • Volvo 1800 S

    Volvo 1800 S – drive with a smile

    Our straight legs testify to a low and sporty seat. Robust and confidence-inspiring sounds enter the cockpit with a pleasant hum. A mirror image betrays the beautiful lines that embrace the also beautiful passenger compartment. And every second the interior seems to reveal new details to us in a discreet way. We are in the […] Read more

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