• NSU Prinz L. To Norway.

    NSU Prinz L. To Norway.

    The NSU Prinz L deregistered, license plate expired and on its way to a new future in Norway! And… at the same time another loss of our driving heritage. By: Dirk de Jong De Kever, the DAF, the Deux Chevaux, the Fiat 500, the Austin Mini, cars that were a symbol of progress and optimism. We […] More

  • The NSU Type 67 four-cylinder models. From Prinz 1000 to 1000C

    NSU Prinz 1000 to 1000C. The NSU Typ 67 four-cylinder models.

    At the Frankfurter Internationale Automobil Ausstellung of 1963 NSU presents Typ 67. The NSU Prinz 1000 is born. This is a new model for NSU, which is considered to be the enlarged version of the Prinz 1961, marketed in 4, in terms of construction, bodywork, technically and mechanically. The lines of the NSU […] More

  • Volkswagen K70, the NSU that became VW

    Volkswagen K70, the NSU that became VW

    In the mid-80s, the development wheels in Neckarsulm were running at full speed. NSU was working full steam ahead on two mid-range newbies. The RoXNUMX with Wankel engine was destined to show the world the innovation potential of NSU in an ultramodern way. A second middle class car that is also stylistically progressive, with a more […] More

  • NSU Ro 80. Controversial, died too early, endlessly beautiful

    NSU Ro 80. Controversial, died too early, endlessly beautiful

    Futuristic, ultramodern lines, unconventional technology and status symbol of the future. Coupled with a manufacturer-appointed technical lead, the NSU Ro 80 made its (or is her) debut in 1967. The public learned – after the Citroën DS of 1955 – again knowing a maverick promise for the future, which […] More

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    Audi, NSU and the importer conflict in the polder

    In August 1969 VW took over NSU. The new subsidiary was merged with Audi. This caused problems in the Netherlands between the importers of NSU and Audi. Van Oorschot (NSU) and Hart Nibbrig and Greeve (Audi) fought a legal battle. In 1974, Pon became the smiling third. More

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    NSU Ro80 from Maxichamps. Futurism and beauty in pocket size

    In classic circles you don't have to explain to anyone what an NSU Ro80 is. Yet. There will have been few cars in the history of the car that caused such a stir as this really fantastically drawn model of German design. Nobody knew what they saw when the futuristic lines entered the automotive world […] More

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