• Saab 96

    Saab 96 two-stroke Short Nose, 1962

    I traveled to Dalfsen for a very special classic. We are talking about a 96 Saab 1962 two-stroke Short Nose. Special because of the cart, but even more so because of the condition. Now I come across restored classics on a daily basis. Often in this condition too. But rarely is there an enthusiast who […] Read more

  • Driving impression SAAB 99 GL 5 Speed. Enchantment, originality and independence

    SAAB 99 GL 5 Speed. Drive with a smile.

    In November 1967 SAAB introduced the 99. It was revolutionary in design in a socially turbulent time, and would serve for a quarter of a century as the basis for the heart of the SAAB program. Today, the base of the 99 still looks modern in some respects, and he combines that qualification with […] Read more

  • Saab Convertible 900 Turbo 1988 2

    Saab Convertible 900 Turbo (1988) by Rob

    The classic of Sweden is sometimes said, but we think that the beautiful stylish and now rare convertible also deserves that predicate in the Netherlands. We encountered this extremely tempting form of transport on the Wadden diamond Ameland with Hillie (Rob's wife) behind the wheel. Rob turned out to be a car coddler who, together with his wife Hillie, has the necessary outdoor fun with the Saab.  Read more

  • in

    How Saab tamed the turbo

    Turbo compressors provide artificial ventilation. Things are surprisingly simple in essence. The exhaust fumes turn a paddle wheel. On the shaft of that fan, on the other side, is a paddle wheel that drives the air inwards to the combustion chamber. Some forty years ago, the owner of a Fiat 850, who mounted a turbo on his pride, noticed that it was a little less simple. That turbo came from a diesel truck. And the 850 cc block just didn't have enough 'breath' to get things going. Read more

  • SAAB 96 (1963)

    SAAB 96 (1963): Friendship for life

    It was certainly not a sad sight for Sjoerd Helbig when his Saab 96 saw sunlight for the first time after more than 35 years. The introduction to his first Saab goes back to his childhood when sparks flew and he became addicted to Saab. He rode some of his favorite […] Read more

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