• The Volvo 240 GL Injection. In AMK number 5, the May number

    Volvo 240 GL Injection

    The Volvo 240 line is legendary and indestructible. Ten years on since mine was sold for export to Africa (with five other Volvo 240s), it's still on Google Street View. At the tree that has already disappeared. The Volvo 240, a classic with a very long […] More

  • Volvo P1800 (1964)

    Volvo P 1800 (1964). Pieter Postma's car

    Beautiful women, ugly crooks, fast cars and dangerous adventures. The elderly, feeling young, still know Simon Templar (aka The Saint) (Roger Moore) as a charming adventurer and charmer, who drove a Volvo 1800S. This popular TV series certainly contributed to the success of that model. This Swedish sports car, a Volvo P 1800, also received star status.  More

  • Volvo, the Koopman family and my latest addition
    in ,

    Volvo, the Koopman family and my latest addition

    The Fasten your Seatbelt light flashed and clicked in the Volvo 244. Just before this, I closed a heavy door. It was comfortable on board. Neighbor Koopman picked me up. She and her husband ran a farm on a country road near Ens. And that's the road where I was born. She brought […] More

  • Volvo 1800 S

    Volvo 1800 S – drive with a smile

    Our straight legs testify to a low and sporty seat. Robust and confidence-inspiring sounds enter the cockpit with a pleasant hum. A mirror image betrays the beautiful lines that embrace the also beautiful passenger compartment. And every second the interior seems to reveal new details to us in a discreet way. We are in the […] More

  • Volvo 244 GL (1981) by Jan. Classic Space Car

    Volvo 244 GL (1981) by Jan. Classic Space Car

    The best proof of the quality of this workhorse of Jan, a Volvo 244 GL from 1981, is that he has owned the car for 15 years and the counter stands at 450.000 kilometers. Despite his advanced age as a person over 40, the high degree of comfort remains intact. And do we still need to talk about sustainability? What do you think about that? Are classics sustainable? Your comments can be placed under this post.  More

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