Amazon Adventures organizes special Mata Hari Mystery Tour

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The Frisian Amazon Adventures has taken on the organization of a special classic tour. The organization pays attention to the fact that in 2017 it is a century ago that Mata Hari died mysteriously. Margaretha Zelle, who was born in the center of Leeuwarden, was not only a master spy. She also performed in many European theaters. And that history forms the compass for a fantastic route that has been mapped out by Amazon Adventures: the Mata Hari Mystery Tour.

This Volvo Amazon drove in numerous rallies that were organized by Amazon Adventures. And hassle free, according to the owner. Photo: Erik van Putten
This Volvo Amazon drove in numerous rallies that were organized by Amazon Adventures. And hassle free, according to the owner. Photo: Erik van Putten

International Tour with the “Elf” as the common thread
The international classic ride, which is being ridden in 2017 for the first time, has a subtle reference to the Frisian origin of Mata Hari despite its international character. The set route takes you past eleven cities. The Mata Hari Mystery Tour is therefore an eleven city tour, but one with an international character. This includes Berlin, Prague, Bratislava, Vienna, Venice and Geneva. Moreover, the Tour leads the participants over eleven rivers, through eleven countries and over eleven mountains. Very special is that the organization has also included part of the Monte Carlo Rally (Col de Turini!) In the travel schedule. Eventually the 14 day adventure via Paris, Brussels and The Hague will end in the Frisian capital. Registration for the rally has already started.

Two editions
The mysterious route is organized twice by Amazon Adventures. The first edition takes place in September 2017 and is held exclusively for classic Volvo cars. In May 2018 - Leeuwarden is the cultural capital of Europe - the Mata Hara Mystery Tour will be held again. During that edition, owners can participate with classics from all brands. In both cases there is also room for 90 participants, or 45 teams. The participants will be supported by two technical teams, among others.

Experience experts in organizing monster rallies
The organization of major international rallies and expeditions has been devoted to Amazon Adventures. They organized the "Bant to Beijing" rally, two Panamericana's, the classic Route 66 tour and the Transamazonica rally.

You can find more information about participating in the exciting Mata Hari Mystery Tour here. You will then be directed to the attractive website.




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