Amsterdam cries: Moped ban

Amsterdam is crying. Where it once laughed. That was a great smartlap. But it's still crying in 020. Close to Schiphol, where so much duty-free kerosene is burned on the 'fly for 49 euros to Portugal' offers and such, that you can taste the kerosene on your tongue on some misty days ...

Amsterdam is located there. And Amsterdam has opened the fight against air pollution.

Amsterdam close Schiphol will ban old mopeds. And 'old' is then from before 2011. RAI, BOVAG and FEHAC have since lodged a protest.

For the time being this has resulted in an exemption for four-stroke 'mopeds' that are more than ten years old. In the context of sustainable thinking, there is a lot of watering and arguing that a ten-year lifespan is considered reasonable for mopeds and light mopeds.

And how do you view the health damage of those few hundred classic mopeds in the municipality? The average classic moped is only released a few times a year with good weather.

IIn countries where the residents are more temperamental than in NL, it would be a reason for a coupe ...

Because in the meantime it must be known to everyone that the 'sustainability idea' that is widely propagated is no more or less than a business model and that every electric driver is partly to blame for the destruction of huge areas in China where nothing can grow in the coming centuries due to the extraction and production of raw materials for the terrible batteries that have taken the 'broem' out of our hobby.


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  1. let them invite me to moped and fly on water
    to introduce.
    And give everyone a shooting permit on the chemtrail aircraft first
    to warn and then hit.
    Because yes, people cry first, but then they get angry with them
    incompetent gang.

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