Amsterdam wants to ban old mopeds from the area within the ring road

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As of 1 January 2018, the municipality of Amsterdam wants to keep all mopeds, scooters and mopeds built for 2011 out of the area within the ring road. The goal: improving air quality.

As a result of this measure, for example, owners of old-timer mopeds will no longer be allowed to enter the roads and paths within the city limits with such a vehicle. For the group of classic car owners, a possible solution may apply, except for meetings. The team of the digital news medium "The Hare and the Hound" was at 28 February at a meeting of moped owners in the capital, where a number of Puch and Tomos owners gathered at the Amsterdam City Hall to participate in a report of the SBS 6 program "Hart van Nederland". One owner said that he had been using the vehicle for years for commuting and regretted a possible driving ban in the capital. Another owner suggested the possibility of full electrification of the classic moped. “But that costs € 2.500. That is too much of a good thing, but it cannot be excluded that that trend will start. "

"A contribution is required from all transport groups"
Peter Paul Ekker - spokesperson for the municipality - says that the measure will be taken because the air in Amsterdam must be cleaner. 'We ask something from all transport groups. The reason we introduce it throughout the city is because people in North, South and East are also entitled to clean air. "

The municipality takes a constructive approach
The plan is not yet final. Enthusiasts will urge the municipality to make an exception. The owners have the opportunity to participate until 21 March. After that, the municipality of Amsterdam will certainly check whether groups of owners are disadvantaged by the possible measure. It will be considered whether exceptions are possible or whether on certain days a year an old moped or scooter may still be driven within the ring road area of ​​Amsterdam. The municipality takes a constructive and positive attitude in this regard, but does not promise anything. "It is unlikely that the exception will apply to old and polluting scooters and will therefore be implemented."

Source: The Hare and The Hound, SBS 6 Heart of the Netherlands
Edited: Auto Motor Klassiek/ Erik van Putten


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  1. Right to clean air? then close the a10 through Amsterdam completely. What do you think if you live in the banne how much dirt from the A10 comes into your home and into your lungs and then pisses a bit about a moped don't make me laugh

  2. The pinocchio who came up with that can also make a fuss of his nose than a lot of enthusiasts will enjoy their hobby.

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