Army vehicles from after WWII

Army vehicles
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Army vehicles and dangers in peacetime

The festivities due to the fact that the Second World War ended for us 75 years ago have been great. People were called on by the media not to go there because of the crazy crowds. The media should have told the Germans in 1940…

All that war attention has a side effect: the interest in army vehicles has increased considerably. And where that interest really stopped at first after WWII vehicles, a motor threshold has now been crossed. We saw a whole bunch of Renault Goélettes driving this weekend. A 'goélette' is a schooner by the way. Those Renault are from after the war.

Intermezzo: Photos of cars (and their drivers / passengers)

From the terrace, people smilingly photographed the swept army vehicles, the French one-ton buses. The millennial next to us said to his table companion: "Those losers don't know at all that they can't just take pictures in the public domain." He had a point with that. Where the software giants are boning your private life to the bone, you need to ask permission before you bring people in and about that. ALWAYS ALREADY RECALLS THAT PHOTOS MAY BE MADE. (And that people who don't want to be able to dive in the photo). Then you are covered against privacy claims. Making photo plates unreadable has also become a serious sport.

That can cost!

And for heaven's sake be careful with that photo of that encounter you received via via and put on your site or blog or whatever. You can just - and years later - get a claim of almost € 1000 from a company that has just bought a lot of photo rights to extract the copyrights as a business model. Not to fight the rights of the photographer, by the way. No advance warning, no proposal, just: you will be blindfolded and put against the wall. Dutch case law - unlike in other countries - mercilessly goes along with it. Neo liberalism destroys more than you love.

Army vehicles
There is not much to criticize on such a photo: self-made, no faces, no license plates., No buildings Actually Citroën still the image right. But little harm can be expected from that angle

And then there was the Kraka

We stood by and looked at it. Roy Bolks of Potomac Classics often has strange classics. But we found this pastry very strange: De Kraka van Faun.

This strange vehicle was invented in the early 1960 by Zweirad Union, a once feared conglomerate of German motorcycle manufacturers, which at the time was a subsidiary of Faun, the well-known manufacturer of commercial vehicles and large off-road vehicles. Introduced in 1962, the Kraka was conceived for use in agriculture and forestry. So a kind of Unimog Light. But the target group was not bounced with enthusiasm, which led Faun to investigate the potential of the vehicle for military purposes.

From civilian to military

In its new role, the Kraka would be used as a lightweight off-road transport and would surprise the enemy by being dropped off by parachute in support of the West German Bundeswehr Air Force, because - a learning moment - the lack of such a capability. the effectiveness of such units in World War II had been limited. Several major changes were made after the evaluation of prototypes, and in its developed form the Kraka was delivered to the Bundeswehr from the early 862s, a total of 1990 were delivered. The Kraka remained in service into the XNUMXs.

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