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If BMW is your brand, owning a classic is a dream come true. But which classic can your dream car be? That question first deserves all attention. That is why we have made a list for your orientation with a few beautiful vintage cars from BMW from different years, including an indication of the prices for these heart-conquering classics.

The history

The history of BMW begins in February 1912 with the founding by the German engineer in mechanics and aviation pioneer Karl Friedrich. The company is growing fast, and already has 1915 employees in 370. In 1916, Karl Rapp sells his company to Gustav Otto, who merges it with his company "Aerowerke Gustav Otto" (AGO), founded in 1912. The new company will be named Bayerische Flugzeug Werke. They regard the founding date of their legal predecessor Bayerische Flugzeug Werke (in 1916) as their founding date. 7 March 2016 celebrated the Group's 100 anniversary. At that time, the brand has written automotive history and stolen the hearts of many car and motorcycle enthusiasts. And it still continues with that.

A few historical highlights

BMW 3 / 15
The BMW 3 / 15 is the first car produced in series. From 1927 to 1932, such an 28.000 BMW's 3 / 15 were made. The car weighs around 400 kilos, and its top speed is 75 kilometers per hour. The price is difficult to determine, because the car does not come on the market much, but is around 15.000 euros.

BMW 328
The BMW 328 is also a classic classic. 1936 copies of this car were produced between 1940 and 464. It is a really old-fashioned sports car that reached speeds up to 150 km / h! That was extremely fast for its time. The weight of the car is approximately around the 800 kilogram. This type is usually sold at auctions. Prices can range from one and a half to two million dollars. This is around 1,2 million to 1,7 million euros. This car is therefore primarily intended for people who have a little more to spend than the average Dutch person. But it is a shame and a pity to see him only as an investment. Because even an 328 makes driving great!

BMW Isetta
The BMW Isetta was the restart after WWII. In the time between 1955 and 1962, approximately 160.000 of these bubble cars were produced. The Isetta is a very special vehicle, it has three wheels and a door at the front. In addition, the Isetta is very small: it is slightly more than two meters long, approximately 1,40 meters wide and the height is approximately 1,30 meters. The price for a good Isetta is between the 15.000 euro and 30.000 euro. One thing is certain, with an Isetta parking within the canals is a party.

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  1. The Isetta did indeed have four wheels. The rear wheels were approximately 35 cm. apart, as a result of which they were technically counted as traffic and road tax and could therefore also be driven with a motorcycle license!

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