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The Car Interests Foundation has also lost the fifth trial process in the fight against the current MRB exemption scheme. The court in Groningen took a lot of time to come to a judgment in the final trial. That was instituted by Stichting Autobelangen together with Bart Kouwenhoven, owner of a Mercedes Benz 240 D from before 1987. In the end it was decided that the arguments of the Autobelangen and Kouwenhoven Foundation were not justified enough.

The fifth trial was already conducted in Groningen in September. The focus was on Bart Kouwenhoven with his Mercedes Benz 240 D of the Baureihe W123. He represented the group of owners of a diesel vehicle taxed since 1 January 2014 with a date of first authorization for 1 January 1987. In the argument, Kouwenhoven and Autobelangen, among other things, put forward arguments to demonstrate the hobby character of the vehicle. “And a hobby like this just costs money. It has nothing to do with cheap diesel driving, "said Kouwenhoven at the time. "The number of kilometers that I drive is also very limited."

"Fork hammer technology was revolutionary"
Reference was also made, among other things, to the heritage technical character of the type of diesel engine in the front of the Mercedes Benz. With the introduction of Vorkammer technology, Mercedes Benz made it possible to make diesel engines also suitable for use in a passenger car. The Court ultimately proved inadmissible for these and other arguments.

Limited mileage not important
The court also did not look at the historical report that Autobelangen prepared in the run-up to the current regulation. It became clear, among other things, that the majority of the "vintage cars" only drove a limited number of kilometers. These findings were also not decisive for putting Bart Kouwenhoven and Stichting Autobelangen in the right.

No attention for breached agreements
Car interests, by the way, were surprised by the fact that the Court did not elaborate on the claims made by a source that was directly involved about the realization of the current old-timer scheme. old-timer scheme put aside demonstrable agreements about a transitional arrangement for Diesel and LPG vehicles. The knife was put on the throat of the old-timer alliance and the current arrangement finally came about in a questionable atmosphere according to those involved.

No clarity about appeal yet
It is not yet clear whether the Stichting Autobelangen and Advocatenkantoor Stibbe will appeal. In the autumn of 2015, it was announced that they had considered that consideration if the fifth trial process was lost. Autobelangen then noted that "a number of things had changed". For example, the Ministry of Finance supported the financial analysis of Car Interests and a significant impact on the environmental argument was foreseen with regard to the Volkswagen diesel scandal.


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  1. The creation and implementation of new rules / law may not be based on improper grounds and erroneous / misleading information. Period! This has happened in this case.

    Just appeal ...

    We have to achieve all kinds of standards from Brussels. today all those cuts. Then let us also check this with the European courts! and also equalize this ...

  2. It is always shocking to notice that there are people who insinuate wrong behavior and thereby cast a bad light on the subject at stake. My hair is already standing on the opening line: 'as was to be expected!'.
    We are talking about a misguided government with butter on its head; on the one hand, it is acknowledged that our classic vehicles belong to the cultural mobile heritage, while on the other hand, on improper grounds and incorrect information, the owners and guardians of that cultural heritage are disadvantaged by regulations regarding the.
    May I call writer a vinegar pisser. That just comes to my mind.

    • Hans, you hit the nail on the head. Unfortunately, your explanation for the sour plum is incomprehensible. I have another question for the writer: do you think the person who is involved here is not at a serious disadvantage for Bart? Is the situation of the diesel drivers all the same?

      • As so often, the good must be hurt by the bad. I also had an oldtimer Mercedes V8 on LPG with few km per year.LPG was not in it for the environment but for the pennies just like others drove LPG but now it suits them well they lie that they did it for the environment In addition to that Mercedes, I had 2 cars completely in the mrb. So I too have become a victim of the many abusers but I understand very well why these measures have been taken. Woutertje has spent months trying to find the "preferred victims" among the large numbers of abusers. Woutertje has rightly lost all five processes! Unfortunately the measures had to be taken THANKS to the profiteers.

  3. As was to be expected, the last process was also rightly lost. Now Woutertje only has a little openness to which all the money raised has been spent outside of the lawyers. How much has the board of the foundation itself received
    directly or through their foundations or companies? We call that transparency.

    • And because there are profiteers in the group you apparently find it no problem to punish the entire group. Do you know that there are a lot of measures to tackle only the profiteers and leave the rest alone? Why do people (including the judges) not want to know?

      • Because most of them are profiters and it is not, the intention is that a large-scale structure will be built up again, this is simply a simple solution. The LPG installations could be removed, and the diesel engines that were retrofitted as well, and unfortunately there is still a group that remains thanks to the large number of profiteers. Unfortunately but true.

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