Stichting Autobelangen declares the Ministry of Finance to be in default declares the Ministry of Finance to be in default.
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The Car Interests Foundation has declared the Ministry of Finance to be in default. This was done under the flag because The Hague did not respond to two requests for information within the specified period. These were submitted by on 23 August. Because the statutory reaction period of four weeks has now expired, Wouter van Embden's club now opts for this step. In the meantime, Autobelangen also drew attention to the government's changed motivation for the adjustment of the MRB scheme for vintage cars.

Road to administrative court therefore served two WOB requests register with the Ministry of Finance. One request related to the substantiation of the financial consequences that the 40-year compromise will entail, according to the cabinet. The other request had to provide insight into the way in which The Hague politicians calculated the proceeds of € 153 million. According to State Secretary Frans Weekers, that amount would flow towards the treasury if the current motor vehicle tax scheme was completely scrapped, which is based entirely on the Van Vliet Amendment. Because the Ministry does not comply with the obligation to respond within the statutory period of four weeks, declared the political body to be in default. The Ministry now has two extra weeks to respond, otherwise it is obliged to pay a penalty. And then for the way to the administrative judge is open to obtain the requested information. declares the Ministry of Finance to be in default. declares the Ministry of Finance to be in default.

Timeframe and changed motivation

Through these columns, we stated earlier that the government does not take behavioral consequences into account. Now that those involved do not want to explain the financial consequences of various scenarios, it seems that The Hague is taking time. Those in charge of politics appear to have underestimated the impact of the vintage car file. This not only results in the generation of time savings. They also make strange jumps. This is evident, among other things, from the different motivation that is used with regard to the old-timer paragraph in the coalition agreement that came about in the fall of 2012. Initially, environmental considerations proved to be crucial. The budgetary movements now seem to dominate. This emerged from the answer to parliamentary questions put by SP Member of Parliament Farshad Bashir on 4 September.

Strict politicians

The earlier legal and economic findings of make clear - in combination with these facts and the refusal of the Ministry of Finance for openness of affairs. Politics The Hague becomes entangled in the old-timer section and the resulting 40-year compromise. For that reason too, retaining the exemption in its current form is the only correct solution for all involved. 


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  1. What if we submit that request en masse? And after 4 weeks no response claiming the penalty? Are they going to provide information?

  2. In the first instance, 153 M would be retrieved. After some concessions (controlled by Bashir), a draft compromise was reached and there was talk of 103 M, a third so evaporated. This compromise has now been adopted virtually unchanged and suddenly there was 153 M again, and at Prinsjesdag even 250 M.
    I think it's like statistics: 84,3% of all statistics is made up. The chance that Brussels will take all of this 1: 1 is then 78,9%, but perhaps other statistics will be made up tomorrow.
    Of course, you do not include advancing insight in those statistics, only if this benefits the projected yields.
    Bankrupt traders, selling less fuel (in particular Diesel and LPG) are not included but it is likely that the same number of kilometers will be driven on LPG which will cost more 0,07 + 0,147 euros next year and Diesel which will cost more 0,04 + 0,0084 euros next year.

  3. The fact that Dutch citizens have to put so much effort into justice is actually scandalous.
    I am happy with and proud of

  4. Politics is apparently not driven by economists like the JSF was built by Engineers. It therefore looks more like a group of preschoolers who have just learned to paste and cut. Except that bit of lying, after all preschoolers can not yet. You wonder how they… there in The Hague can remember all those lies. I think it's clever and very annoying.

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