Stichting Autobelangen wants to make a choice for political lobbying

Wouter van Embden of the Autobelangen Foundation will be a guest at the BNR National Auto Show tomorrow. He will discuss the latest developments in the classic car file.

The Car Interests Foundation wants to focus its arrows on the political lobby. In the last newsletter the supporters were informed about the most recent state of affairs. The club is still battling the current MRB rules for vintage cars, which became current on 1 in January 2014. The course of the first four lawsuits (read: instituted trial proceedings) did not, however, have the desired outcome. A fifth lawsuit will follow, but the recently lost cases have caused the Car Interests Foundation to think. 

Wouter van Embden, on behalf of the Autobelangen Foundation, expressed a preference for increasing the pressure on politics.
Wouter van Embden, on behalf of the Autobelangen Foundation, expressed a preference for increasing the pressure on politics.

Wouter van Embden's club has done a poll. People have been asked whether it deems it useful to take further steps towards Lady Justice or not. The preference of Car Interests lies in increasing the pressure on politics, certainly now that it has been demonstrated that the measure has by no means achieved the estimated return. Nevertheless, the Car Interests Foundation wants to know whether there is still sufficient support among the supporters to continue litigation.

Assessment of support after this week
After this week, the Autobelangen Foundation will assess the reactions and they will see whether there is sufficient support for a continuation of the legal proceedings. If this is the case, it will be investigated whether sufficient financial resources can be gathered again to continue the proceedings.

Preference: full commitment on political track
The Foundation's preference, however, lies in the option of fully focusing on the second track: increasing political pressure. That seems like a wise move. Car taxes are currently being closely scrutinized and people are keen to respond to these developments. In this way, the motor vehicle tax issue for old-timers is integrated into the total tax discussion surrounding car mobility, while continuing litigation “can take years”. In addition, a previous political lobby led by Wouter van Embden (in 2009) concerning the tax treatment of business driven young timers had a successful outcome.

Fifth test process continues
It will therefore soon be known whether the legal proceedings will be continued. In any case, it is certain that the last session in the series of five trial processes will take place after the summer.




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