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Quite unexpectedly it is 5 December again. What you get out of the bag tonight, we don't know. And to still order now? It's too late for that. But when it comes to Christmas, we are still in the race when it comes to Christmas. And we had to think about that during the reclassification (Thanks to the unsurpassed firm Biereco from the Doorzon Family) of the tool stocks.

Basic tool

As a classic enthusiast you might be fine with a set of basic tools. But with the current range of tools, so many beautiful and affordable items have been added that you simply do not do well if you do not have it at home. And you can simply post all that beauty with our advertisers.

A selection of the handy tools that we have acquired over the years:

  • A good sorting bin: Because searching takes so much time
  • The impact screwdriver. These are now available as cordless tools, but in the basic form you never have to charge them. Note: only use with properly fitting bits!
  • A torque wrench: because many bolts and nuts find it very nice to be tightened with the correct torque. Prevents idling of bolts in aluminum parts. The simple with pointer and scale usually suffice.

Tapping thread, a simple job

  • A set of tap irons: If an internal thread has been turned over, it may therefore be tapped from M6 to M8, for example.
  • A 'helicoil' set. Helicoil is a brand name. Ideal for doing internal thread repairs if there is not enough meat to 'tap'. It takes a while to work precisely, but it can pay off.
  • A spark plug tap set: known from the fourth-hand car trade. If the spark plug wire is turned over: remove the spark plug, turn the crankshaft so that the relevant outlet valve (s) are open. Tap the hole oversized, assemble the thin steel insert. Blow the chips out of the combustion chamber via the spark plug hole.

Even a compressor does not cost much more

  • A compressor: the bigger, the better. And barrel volume is the basis of all success.
  • The rivet pliers: because you can use it for just about anything.
  • The blind rivet nut pliers: you mount nuts with it in sheet material. Handy!
  • A clapper spring pliers: because otherwise that twisted spit shoots away and you have to wait for a new one. It is such a tool that you may only need it once in your key life. And then it pays off. All attempts with glue clamps and sawn pressure sleeves are fiddled.
  • The circlip pliers: never havesle again to fiddle with a awl locking clips and thereby pierce your hand. They are sometimes in the crook. And they are good enough for hobby work.

Go for quality

  • A wire stripper and a GOOD plug clamp. Because wiring is the veins of every classic. And don't buy the cheapest sliding plugs. They are convinced Chinaware
  • A pair of pliers: Or rather: two pliers. Just. Because life without pliers is useless. Locking pliers are ideal tools.
  • An infrared thermometer: those things have fallen enormously in price in recent years. To be able to check whether each cylinder is participating and to find out which brake is stuck. And to measure the temperature of snowflakes, to see how warm the dog is, to ...

High-tech tools no longer have to be unaffordable.

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