Chrysler Windsor de luxe (1953), a comfortable classic

Chrysler Windsor deluxe

Sometimes you have to take the liberty to make your dreams come true and strengthen the bond with classics. You want to feel special sometimes and enjoy the wonderful engine sound, the trips along the 'highways' in our country. For example with this Chrysler Windsor de luxe from 1953.

By: Dirk de Jong

The owner does not want to be in the picture but proudly tells about his American from the fifties. About the chrome details, the gigantic seats. And about the pleasant thing about automatic driving. (If the car does it for you, don't you have to go yourself?) 

Also interesting:

In everyday traffic, the Chrysler Windsor deluxe is an outsider and therefore attracts a lot of attention. You could say: a classic seasoning. And do you almost have to be an oil sheik due to the high petrol prices? No, relaxed cruising with cream-white American is limited to a few days in the year. Ownership alone can make the (car) heart run at higher revs, right? 

Chrysler Windsor deluxe

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