Citroën SM (Sport Maserati). The prestige car of Citroën. 

Citroën SM
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Citroën has marketed flavoring types in the past. That started very early in post-war car history as with the 2 CV. Possession of several Citroën types such as the Dyane, Ami, Méhari, DS, GS, BX, CX, XM are now very special. They had the creativity to always surprise with new models. As with this collaboration between Citroën and Maserati, the Citroën SM. Where SM stands for Sport Maserati. Or is it Sa Majesté? Who knows may say.

By: Dirk de Jong

Citroën has a reliable reputation. There are still many driving around in our country. This prestige car from Citroën with its own beauty - and special color scheme - we saw in Drenthe's Valthermond. According to the birth data she is from 1975. The aerodynamic shape and the low air resistance, in combination with the motor power of Maserati, gave a top of more than 220 km per hour. 

Like all other mentioned models of Citroën you must at the Citroën SM get used to the model first, after which you get admiration for the exterior architects. The fact that sales started well was also due to the fact that our Johan Cruyff purchased the car. One could not wish for a better advertisement of a well-known and beloved football player. Maybe that's why it has become a popular collector's item. 

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Citroën SM


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  1. In our area there is an SM with a DS-21 heart ...
    Not exactly, but a lot more reliable of course.

    Fantastic cars to see, as said a prestige exercise.

  2. American import this SM, with those hideous fixed headlights (thanks DOT) because those moving inner lights were prohibited…. I just looked up the license plate at for fun and this lady has a Diesel heart from an old CX 2200 D. About 30% of the original Maserati power so no hitting thoroughbreds but just tubers. Anyway, it drives and looks good.

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