DIY garages (may report)

DIY garages
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DIY, do it yourself, and garages. Put them together and you get: DIY garages. We already mentioned that we Spankeren Rucocar Edyweg 8, 6956 BB Spankeren. 06 28 27 27 43 knew and asked for more DIY garages. There were a few responses.

Oh yes: the Manta at DIY garage Rubocar

First, Rubocar's about the molten Manta standing in front of the company: 15 had been in the backyard of the laundry for XNUMX years. The Environmental Police wanted him out of there because of the environment. He was removed by order of the owner of the laundry. That was fairly easy: The laundry is opposite Rubocar. Ruud Bozelie even put the text from AMK on FB. So far DHZ garages in Gelderland.

In North Holland, Walter van Schie from De Brug reports Do It Yourself Garage / Car Workshop, Ondernemingsweg 5, 1422 DZ Uithoorn. , that it is fine tinkering with him. Walter uses his super fresh coffee as a unique selling point. And that is great marketing. And Friesland is represented with Sneek, , 06-24210186 Bgg 06-28823752 where there is also an APKaat. In Utrecht is Do It Yourself Garage P. Plooij, Kerkdijk 67, 3615 BB Westbroek (Utrecht), 0346-281318

All benefits

Such DIY garages naturally have an incredible advantage when you set them against tinkering under the carport or a normal garage next to the house. There is space, there are lifting bridges and there are tools. There is no mean journey on your back. You will usually find pleasant like-minded people there. And so you can do a lot about your classic with relatively little technical knowledge. Dive before tinkering with a workshop manual or look on youtube. Youtube explains a lot of things about brand, type and year of construction. With the video included. You will also find a lot of information on the 'normal' internet. But cherish the necessary suspicion and backlog when searching in the more public forums. Absolutely brain-dead zombies often said the most blatant nonsense as if they had received their knowledge directly from the Great Mechanic himself. While they are just hopelessly lost.

Go international

It is useful when you can search digitally in multiple languages. Translate your search with Google translate and then, if you do not understand Russian, let yourself be guided by the video. Then you see that you set the correct wheel bearing clearance by 'tightening' the bearing, and then releasing a quarter turn. Removing the rear light units from one Citroen BX for example, that is no longer a problem if you have just read that you can use targeted violence.

Just a few things

When working under the hood, or on wiring, or preferably always disconnect the battery. And when working on fluid-containing systems such as the radiator or the brake system, remember that proper functioning is rather important. Therefore, in case of doubt, always seek the help of the DIY mechanic. It also benefits his customers to keep everything and themselves whole. The garage mechanic is usually also approachable to take work off your hands. And that at a rate that is generally experienced as friendly.

All in all DHZ garages can offer you a lot of possibilities to get more (pleasure) out of your passion.

Tinkering in DIY garages is not only for men

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  1. Bert from DHZgarage Sneek is really a good guy.
    More than reasonable with its prices and always willing to help and / or to think along, and it is always laughing, yelling, roaring….

    An absolute must for the whole North! ??

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