Dürkopp Fratz IV and its English-speaking counterpart, the Dianette

Dürkopp Fratz IV and his English-speaking counterpart, the Dianette

If you are a fan of classic two-wheelers, then the latest edition of Auto Motor Klassiek something not to be missed. The September issue, now on newsstands, features a fascinating article about the Dürkopp Fratz IV and its English-speaking twin, the Dianette. Marina Block delves deep into the history, technical specifications, and covers the restoration adventures of one of these special mopeds.

German pioneer in moped technology

Originally developed in 1957, the Dürkopp Fratz IV made waves in the two-wheeler industry. Originating from Bielefeld, a German city known for its rich history in two-wheeler production, the Fratz IV quickly attracted attention. The comfort, performance, three-speed gearbox and economy of the moped were revolutionary for that time. So revolutionary that many competitors quickly followed with similar features, such as the three-speed gearbox.

British success: the Dürkopp Dianette

In English-speaking countries, this classic was given the name 'Dianette'. The British trade magazine 'The Motor Cycle' praised the Dianette for its advanced technology and comfort. With a price tag of £85 in those days, the Dürkopp Dianette was not only innovative but also affordable.

A laboratory of passion

The article in Auto Motor Klassiek continues the fascinating story of Jürgen B., a collector who owned almost all models from the Fratz series. From restoration tips to detailed technical specifications, Jürgen's passion for these mopeds shines through the piece, making it an immersive reading experience.

Technical specifications and more

And that's not all; the article ends with a detailed overview of the technical specifications of the Dürkopp Fratz IV/Dianette. From the single-cylinder two-stroke engine to the multi-plate clutch.

If you are interested in the golden age of mopeds and the technological advances they brought about, this article is in Auto Motor Klassiek the perfect reading material. 

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