Ferrari 458 from 2013: Classic in the making? What do you think?

Ferrari 458 from 2013: Classic in the making? What do you think?
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Great importance is attached to privacy and data of the owner must be protected as well as possible. The collection of personal data is prevented by strict legal measures. Because such a precious possession deserves protection, it is not wise to mention names or places. But if we type the license plate of this Ferrari on Google, we get a lot of information on free license plate checks. This prancing horse has been on Dutch registration since 2020 and is equipped with a petrol engine with a power of 566 hp. 

The Ferrari 458 was supplied by the dream car brand from 2011 to 2015 and had a price tag of 260.778. The top is no less than 325 km per hour and from standstill takes 3,4 seconds to reach a speed of 100 km per hour. Was it purchased as an investment or for 'driving enjoyment'? We have spotted this beautiful car, but we cannot get answers to these questions. Ferrari has a large following of the unattainable Italian purebred horses, the attraction is great with young and old. The question is: Is this Ferrari 458 already a classic after 9 years? 

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  1. For me, a 'classic' is a car that at least still has an analog odometer. And preferably equipped with 1 or more nice carburettors. Which does not have electronic control cousins ​​such as ESP. But there is still hope for this 325 km/h fast Ferrari. On January 1, 2035h, all cars that run on fossil fuels will become instant classics.

  2. This is certainly a classic. It's just a really cool car. Not super pretty, but just awesome. And that's better. (Say Sandra Bullock-beautiful compared to fashion model-beautiful, such a Bullock has rough edges and that makes it so much cooler, a fashion model can be beautiful, but is often too smooth). So the 458 is a must-have. In red or yellow, please.

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