Ferrari on Daytona

The NART team's Ferrari 365 GTB / 4 'Daytona' was driven by Sam Posey, Ronnie Bucknum and Luigi 'Coco' Chinetti Jr.

By: Peter Ecury

Ferrari is inextricably linked to successful motorsport. This also applies to the Daytona circuit in the US state of Florida. Ferrari has something to celebrate there on the Daytona International Speedway. After the American Bob Said on the beach (!) Set a new record in a monstrous Ferrari 375 Indianapolis in the Speed ​​Week of 1955, the Italian racing stable had to wait for 1963 to record the next success. The Mexican Pedro Rodriguez won the Daytona Continental 3 Hours race with a Ferrari 250 GTO deployed by the North American Racing Team from the American importer Luigi Chinetti. In 1964, Rodriguez won again in the same car from the same team. Because the 3 hour race had since grown into a race with a length of 2.000 kilometers, he was assisted by the American Phil Hill. In 1967 the noble racing stable organized a detailed 1-2-3 photo finish during the then 24 Hours race. Lorenzo Bandini and Chris Amon were then allowed to win in their factory Ferrari 330 P3 / 4. Mario Andretti and Jacky 'Mister Le Mans' Ickx won the general classification in 1972 in the - then - 6 Hours of Daytona in a factory Ferrari 312 PB. After years of fruitless attempts, Ferrari could finally claim the victory in 1998 with an 333 SP. Thanks to Messrs Gianpiero Moretti, Didier Theys, Mauro Baldi and our compatriot Arie Luyendijk.

The Ferrai 333 SP ridden by Gianpieri Moretti, Mauro Baldi, Didier Theys and Arie Luyendijk finally brought Ferrari a victory again in 1988…!
The 308 GTB Turbo from Carlo Facetti / Martino Finotto did not reach the finish in 1981
The 312 PB with Clay 'Rega' Regazzoni and Brian Redman finished fourth in the 6 Hours of Daytona in 1972 in the general classification
The Penske-White Racing 512 M, for example, was sponsored by Sunoco and was blue with a hint of yellow. Mark Donohue and David Hobbs drove this car in 1971
That not all Ferraris had to be red proved not only the Ecurie Francorchamps, but also the Spanish entry of the Escuderia Montjuich with their canary-yellow cars. This 512 S Spyder was ridden in 1971 by the Italian Arturo Merzario and the Spaniard José Juncadella
The 365 GTB / 4 'Daytona' of the NART team was driven by Sam Posey, Ronnie Bucknum and Luigi 'Coco' Chinetti Jr.
The Ferrari 512 S from Nino Vaccarella / Ignazio Giunti did not reach the finish in 1970…
The directed 1-2-3 photo finish in the 24 hours of 1967. Ferrari was humiliated by Ford the previous season with an 1-2-3 finish at Daytona as well as Sebring. Not to mention Ford's victory in the 24 Hours of Le Mans ...
It is 1967, the Ferrari 330 P3 / 4 driven by Lorenzo Bandini and Chris Amon. They won the 24 Hours race from Daytona. On 10 in May of that year, he died of the consequences of a major crash during the Monaco Grand Prix three days earlier
Daytona has now grown to an 24-hour race. The Ferrari 365 P2 / 3 of the NART team finished with Pedro Rodriguez / Mario Andretti as 4e in the general classification ...
Nice picture, Daytona also has 'round corners' and a so-called 'infield'. In this photo - from 1966 - Ferrari Ford gives it a check ...
The blue metallic - with white stripe - Ferrari 250 GTO by Edward Glenn 'Fireball' Roberts Jr. / John Cannon sharpened in 1963 along the roaring Pontiac Tempest by Paul Goldsmith. Again for the connoisseurs, this 250 GTO had the chassis number 3223GT
Pedro Rodriguez on Ferrari 250 GTO - for the connoisseurs among us, the car with chassis number 4219GT - has competed with the Jaguar XKE FHC from Briggs Cunningham but was driven by Augie Pabst. Rodriguez won the general classification in the 3 Hour race of February 1963. If you have studied the photo well, then you will see that it was not that difficult at that time to get into the public and sow death and destruction ...
After a tough fight, Phil Hill and Ricardo Rodriguez - Pedro's brother - came second in the Ferrari Dino 246 SP of the North American Racing Team in the 3 Hour Race on the Daytona International Speedway
In 1955, Ferrari achieved its first success at Daytona. During the Speed ​​Week on the beach the American Bob Said set a new speed record in a monstrous Ferrari 375 'Indianapolis': 170.538 miles per hour. Convert that to kilometers and then move to 1955 ...

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