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Fiat 127 from 1971. Unique in current Catawiki auction

Fiat 127
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Online auction house Catawiki is currently holding the Italian classic car auction. Within this auction, Catawiki offers a number of very beautiful and special classics of Italian manufacture. One is a beautiful Fiat 127. You don't see it that much anymore, let alone see one from the first year of manufacture. The offered by Catawiki dates from the very first year of construction of the model. We will highlight this unique Italian for you.

The first generation of the Fiat 127 was built from 1971 through 1977. The 127 debuted in two-door trim, with the 903 cc engine delivering 47 hp to the crankshaft. For the 1973 model year, the original 127 got a three-door brother. The 127 was successful from the start. The first series of the 127 was therefore hardly changed during its run time. In 1974 the small delivery range of the 127 was expanded with the luxury Special. At the same time, Fiat adapted the rear window for the two-door version. It ran longer from the 1975 model year.

Slight changes

From that moment on, the 127 - following other markets - was also delivered in the Netherlands with a 45 HP engine. Abroad, for various financially favorable reasons, that assets have been held for 127 years. For some markets, the 127 is also offered with a 40 HP power source. Some detail changes, such as a Special-derived grille with Wybert logo, joysticks and other wheel covers, take the first generation of the 127 to the end. The Car of the Year 1971 was followed by the second generation in 1977. The Fiat 127 was also produced abroad, albeit under other names. (Seat 127, Polski Fiat 127p).

Unique at Catawiki

The beloved 127 was thus often manufactured. The car, which matured the Supermini class, was a modern mass product. Partly due to the spirit of the times (less good steel, the change of the car from luxury to consumer item) disappeared from the streets in the course of the eighties. Fortunately, copies of the 127 were also kept, like the car on these pages. To find a Dutch-delivered Fiat 127 from the first year of production is truly unique.

Fresh appearance, minimal signs of wear

Catawiki offers such a unique item. It is a fully and carefully restored example, which in the 415 Azzurro Chiara color scheme makes a particularly fresh impression. The interior, which dates from the second series of generation one, also deserves that qualification. There are only minimal signs of wear. For the sake of safety, this copy has been fitted by the restorer with three-point belts with automatic retractor. The provider also reports that the car is technically in top condition. In addition, this freshman 127 had only two previous owners. The current owner has always stored the car indoors, heated. Furthermore, the photos show how well the cart is preserved, it looks great.

Reliable and revving engine

This Fiat 127 has the Tipo 100 GL engine. The 903 cc measuring power source is an example of an engine that likes to be kept up to speed. With proper regular maintenance, such a block can last for hours. Of course, the motto for the Fiat 127 is: warm up first. The reliable engine makes the Fiat capable of coping well with regional traffic. And with the current speed limit of 100 kilometers per hour, it can also be used reasonably well on the motorway. It feels at home on the motorway and within routes, and you can fully enjoy the firm and striking driving character.

You have three days left

The Fiat 127 offered by Catawiki is a real opportunity for enthusiasts. You will no longer come across a 127 from the first year of manufacture. Candidates can still make an offer until Monday 31 March next. There is a minimum price. The auction closes around 20.00 p.m. The course of the auction of this Fiat 127 and more information about the conditions can be found at the Catawiki website. The car can in any case be picked up or delivered.



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  1. The second generation of the legendary 127 had a family member with a tight 1050cc, overhead camshaft, a double 'gas factory' and no less than 70 horses in the stable. A block that liked to rotate, and needed it. A smooth car with a motor that likes to eat his timing belt, that is. Replacing on time ensured that the Fiat driver remained a happy driver.

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