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Fiat 500 Nuova (1968). The pride of Koos Scherjon

Fiat 500 Nuova

Although Koos is happily married, he still has an Italian beauty he has been in love with for more than 15 years. And that's quite acceptable, because it's a crimson style icon, the Fiat 500 Nuova. 

By: Dirk de Jong

The Fiat 500 Nuova is a must-have for him, a 'piccola macchina', a beloved classic car that only comes out on sunny days. Now the car is very common, but in the sixties the car was a symbol of progress and optimism. And Koos wants to experience that old-fashioned feeling with every ride. The little Italian stole his heart and turned out to be real love that is pampered. The Fiat 500 Nuova has not seen a raindrop in those 15 years. And if a mood strikes him, he will immediately file a complaint with KNMI.


Koos wonders whether 'pride' is also a major sin. “I'm guilty of that feeling. Just look at my dazzling beautiful 52-year-old girlfriend. ” In 1968, in addition to the normal 500, a luxury version was released, which was recognizable by the upholstered dashboard and the chrome-plated frames in the window rubbers. The Fiat 500 Nuova from Koos is still the older type. In 1975 the curtain fell on the 'backpack' after more than 3,5 million copies. The Netherlands received a modest number over time (25.000). How many copies of the Fiat 500 Nuova have been preserved in the Netherlands? Only the Fiat 500 club will have this information. What is certain is that Koos Scherjon owns one. For him purely FOAR 'T PLESIER (for fun). 

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Fiat 500 Nuova
Fiat 500 Nuova


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  1. I fully agree with previous writer + for the photo only they should have polished the “wrong” emblem.

  2. The Nuova 500 ran until 1960 and was then replaced by the 500D, with the 499 instead of the 479cc engine. In 1965 the door hinges went to the A-pillar and were called 500F, but on the price lists it remained a 500D until 1973 and a 500R until 1975.

    The 126 replaced the Lusso in 1972, and in 1973 the old Cinquecento got a lot of 126 tech on board (except for a synchromesh, you shouldn't make it too easy on your customers), and so the model continued until 1975.

    So I do not understand why the sign Nuova 500 has been nailed on this Fiat.

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