Ford Capri 2.0S V6 from 1979, from the archive of Auto Motor Klassiek

Ford Capri 2.0 S V6 1979
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The Ford Capri 2.0S V6 has a fairly striking appearance. A long hood, a compact passenger compartment and a small trunk. There are of course cars with more interior space and a much more convenient entry to the rear. There are also cars with more engine power and much more luggage space. But then again, there is no 'Capri' on it.

You fall for the looks of the car as a figurehead of the roaring seventies. That's how we wanted the cars to look in those years.


The seat in the Recaros (standard furniture in the 'S' version) mounted in the Ford Capri 2.0S V6 is low and sturdy. The seats are sufficiently adjustable and the seating position in relation to the handlebars is excellent. The dashboard is high; the Capri's driver just looks over the edge.

From the hood you only have the middle 'power dome' and for the length of the car itself you will really have to gain some experience. The nose of the Ford Capri 2.0S V6 is long. Seriously long. You can transport children in the back, provided they are no younger than four and no older than eight. Due to their size, the now legally required child seats can hardly be placed in the back of the Capri. And if it does not work in terms of space, your back will give way after such an exercise. There is room for children older than eight, provided they have no legs. In fact, the Capri is a 2 + 2 and not a full four-seater.

Under the hood

The somewhat slow two-liter V6 is neatly placed lengthwise in the front. Another one would have been appropriate, everything is so spacious. The exhaust gases are removed by two V6-typical exhaust pipes. One on each side of the car. This way you can recognize at a glance the six-spits of the lesser gods, because they only have an outlet on the left.

The 90 hp that the V6 squeezes out are sufficient, but nothing more. Auditively, the Ford Capri 2.0S V6 is a party, because the six-cylinder is excellent. But the performances aren't to brag about on birthdays. The acceleration from zero to a hundred soon takes 13 seconds. The Capri's sporty appearance contrasts sharply with its performance.

Between shore and ship

Viewed in this way, the Ford Capri 2.0S V6 falls slightly between two stools: it looks like a sports car but has the character of a normal family car. And to think that there are also four cylinders delivered of 2000 cc, 1600 cc, 1500 cc and even 1300 cc. I wouldn't even dare to enter the highway with the latter, but here too the advancing frame of reference might play tricks on me. Back in the early 100s, 100 horsepower in a car was an exception. Only a few exotics made it to the XNUMX hp limit at the time. Ford had not looked at it so crazy by also supplying the Capri with small engines. That kept the car affordable and so it came within reach of many and that contributed to the success of the car.

Partly reproduced from Auto Motor Klassiek number 6 of 2011.

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  1. Remains beautiful and emotion. The car in the article is a copy of the 2.0s V6 that I once owned. Mine had tough wolf race rims, an accessory that matched the car's look perfectly. Sometimes I regret selling the car, but a few things had to be done. And as so often: living together, house, etc. Then there is no money and time for the hobby. And do you need a car that works every day. So there was a considerably less icon, but new: a bright red Daihatsu Charade 1.3 TX. With 84hp a spicy cart. I now drive a young timer. For me iconic cars that were priceless at the time. An e39 525M sport with manual transmission. But I still miss the TT-44-NJ.

  2. As for the 1300 versions, which were also found in the Taunus. if that was more the option for the southern neighbors, it was favorable from a tax point of view.

  3. Although the first series, as was usually the most beautiful (also with the Manta that was), this Capri also received a large number of admirers, especially in the S series.
    The series The Professionals in which Bodie had a silver gray and later also Doyle got a good-colored S After his Escort RS mysteriously disappeared from the set, so stolen.

    • The Manta S 1.6 in dark yellow, my father had in 1976. As a boy I was as proud as a peacock. Indeed, never surpassed by Opel again. Of the Capri I think the last generation the most car. Ok, a 2600 RS from the first is also allowed.

      From the Capri, the sound of the 2.0v6 really appealed to me. After the Manta there was a block like this in the Fahrner house. In a Taunus 2.0 Ghia. Brown, with a characteristic light brown skai roof. Nostalgia. I also had to have a v6 like that.

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