Ford Mustang (1966). American icon by Gerben van der Weg 

Ford Mustang (1966)

Ford Mustang owner Gerben says, “Even though I've had the Mustang for almost 9 years, I'll never get tired of it. I can still fall under the spell of the glossy paint and the beautiful model of my 'Pony car'. ” 

By: Dirk de Jong

Gerben bought the black Ford Mustang coupé in this condition. History is known that he was registered in Orange County on 25/7/99. Then on 9-11-99 he went by ship from Los Angeles across the Great Lake to Vlaardingen. In the Netherlands the journey continued to a new owner in Barneveld who registered the car on a Dutch registration on 10-10-2011. 

Technical information 

The Mustang has a 289 engine. That is no longer the original block with matching numbers, but the type that belongs in the original. And of course the Mustang is equipped with an automatic gearbox. The Ford Mustang still has a large group of followers, the black coupé is admired on every ride. 

Feeling behind the purchase 

Gerben: “The Ford Mustang was a real dream car for me. The realization to immediately enjoy the classic came because a family member of mine died very young. It was no longer a matter of 'later' but of enjoying it right away. ” The classic Ford Mustangs are still well on the market. Not only in Europe, but certainly also in America. It continues to be admired for its graceful lines and charming appearance. Gerben keeps the car as original as possible. The technique gets all the attention, so that the hobby rides can run smoothly. It also has a bit of the magic of a bygone era for him. Every now and then he wants to taste the atmosphere of that time in his garage. He's not a member of any Ford or classic club, but the floodgates of enthusiasm open with every ride. 

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  1. What a fantastic car !!
    As a little boy I was also 'hit' by the Mustang virus and that made it my 'boyhood dream'. In 2006 I was able to purchase a copy after inspection of my father who was allowed to tinker with the Mustang as a workshop chief at a Ford garage foal (!!)! Without him I could never have brought her back to its current state! And idd ... when I drive her outside everyone turns around, to admire her and I'm sure to get several 'Thumbs Up' ... even on the highway they 'hold back' or 'accelerate' to come and ride next to me and the Bright Auqua metallic Convertible Mustang with its 'Spoke' wheel covers for better viewing and listening.

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