Hardenberg motorcycle market: 5 October

Hardenberg motorcycle market

The motorcycle market in Hardenberg is world famous in the east of the country, but it attracts more and more people who make the fairly long trip to Hardenberg from the far West. 'Hardenberg' is not a trade fair that is organized by an event agency as a business model, but is the forty-year-old tradition of motorcycle club 'de Gasschoeve'. And that makes the difference.

For enthusiasts, by enthusiasts

The members of the Gasschoeve are active as volunteers to make it a successful day for everyone. This, and an entrance fee of just € 5,00, guarantees a day full of sights, a pleasant atmosphere and conviviality. Many visitors regard the Hardenberg motorcycle market as a day to meet old acquaintances. For others, the stock market is the ideal excuse to eat French fries with hamburgers outside the home regime. And we have heard more than one Westerner bewildered listening to dialect negotiations.

Still, searching the stands is the highlight of the fair

Because a good part of the providers are regional, the offer is wide and often surprising. Of course there is a lot of moped stuff. Especially for Zündapps and Kreidlers. But the most obscure brands also appear on Hardenberg. Of course there are suppliers of new (and used) tools and of course Hardenberg is the ideal location to supplement your supply of bolts, nuts and washers. And a handful of spark plug caps plus a few meters of spark plug cable? That is stuff that always comes in handy.

From project to perfect

The range of complete engines and projects is usually - it varies per exhibition - impressive. A few years ago there were just four Honda CB450 twins (with work, but still) for sale. But also perfectly restored or custom-made motorcycles are offered. Hardenberg is also the place where you will find 'weird' motorcycle brands. Because of course a Yezdi is a Jawa made in India. But such a machine did end up in the far east of the country. When it comes to parts, you often also find things you couldn't find on the Internet. Last year there were surprisingly many Suzuki T500 items. We also saw Jawa stuff regularly. But also for old English, Italian, French, German, classic American (and sometimes Russian) stuff, Hardenberg is a treasure house.

A very wide range

The range of parts varies from 'I wouldn't dare' to NOS (new old stock) and reference items for at least English and Japanese engines. Clothing is offered. There are people who sell LED lighting and things for cafe racers. There are chisels and drills for lathes. The buses brake cleaner go per tray.

Oh yes: Hardenberg also often has stuff for classic cars. Don't ask us why.

To make the day even more interesting financially, after your visit, you can hop across the border to stock up cheaply in Germany.

In connection with the expected crowds around the Motor Market, we kindly request that you look out for your own safety and that of others and follow the instructions of the traffic controllers.

Entrance 5, - euro per person, children up to and including 12 years free entrance.

The market is open from 08: 00 to 16: 00 hours. And at eight o'clock it is already busy at the cash registers.

Address: Manege De Hoogenweg, Hoogenweg 52, 7793 HM Hoogenweg

Visitor info:

Hardenberg motorcycle market

Hardenberg motorcycle market

Hardenberg motorcycle market

Hardenberg motorcycle market

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