Jan's Moto Guzzi: Classic or not?

Moto Guzzi
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Jan Keijzer is a genetic technician and Moto Guzzi enthusiast. That can lead to very good results if you combine the possibilities of Guzzie's construction set system with all metalworking skills and a talent for electronics.

Wammes recognizes Moto Guzzi's

So last Sunday the dog was excited to hear a friendly roaring Moto Guzzi approaching: Jan and his cafe racer made his first longer ride in the run-up to this year's high point: the trip to Man. The project started in 2016 and you can irreverently describe Jan's new creation as a 'gathering together'. But then a combination at a level that is worthy of the High School of Arts.

A child with multiple fathers

The heart of the Moto Guzzi is formed by an 1100 injection block and a five-bin. The frame was made aesthetically tighter. Wilbers took care of the rear suspension. The front fork is one of Moto Guzzi, but he had to adjust a bit because the headset was different from the original. The aluminum tank had been knocked, the valve lid with oil filling opening came from a door that had been dormant for twenty years under a damp canopy.

The seat was standard 'aftermarket', but had to be drastically adjusted on the front and the back. The place where the battery once lived is now the best-sized ECU of the 1100 block. The battery is a small Lithuim specimen that is mounted low to the rear wheel. The shell is that of a LeMans, but it is drastically adapted to the new front fork with its thick USD legs. The headlight is a VW Beetle copy from the time that the Beetles had 'convex' headlight glasses. The line of the headlight glass now blends beautifully with the bulging of the tub.

A lot of detail work on this Moto Guzzi

The motorbike is about the axes of its own solutions and details that look like the Italians created it themselves on a great day. The oil cooler with the spotlights mounted next to it, the LED tail light, the suspension of the exhausts (of course the exhaust system is also custom made ... so on. This Moto Guzzi is proof of craftsmanship and patience.

And the color in which the Moto Guzzi was sprayed? He had to turn green with black. That green is not a 'British Racing Green'. Because that is a color that is never really defined. Jan and master sprayer Theo Terwel decided in mutual consultation that Rover once used the color green that they unanimously labeled as the most beautiful British Racing Green. And after seeing the result, we dare not object to their choice.

Off to Man

During the Isle of Man Classic TT, not only the classic (vintage) race horses will appear at the start, but there will also be racing with the very first superbikes, including legendary 2 branches such as the Suzuki RG500 and the Yamaha YZF500. In addition, during the Manx Grand Prix a whole bunch of "newcomers" ride on modern fast machines.

The extent of the speed differences can be seen especially during the training sessions, where the different classes are mixed up and it is not uncommon for classics riders to be faster than the newcomers.

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