Kalmar-DAF (1971) by Pieter and Roelie Jager. The key of satisfaction.

Kalmar-DAF (1971) by Pieter and Roelie Jager. The key of satisfaction.
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The chance meeting with Pieter and Roelie Jager was a pleasant experience. Enthusiastic classic car enthusiasts who keep the driving heritage alive, and their passion for all things DAF related is still very much alive. That Pieter is unconditionally loyal is apparent from the many DAFs he drove in the course of his life, and even now owns a DAF 46 and a beautifully restored Kalmar DAF. The enthusiasm of Pieter and Roelie is real, people feel it instinctively. 

By: Dirk de Jong 

Many Kalmar-DAFs have not been registered in the Netherlands, because the car was mainly used by the Swedish postal service. This beautiful blue Kalmar-DAF with registration number AV-12-10 is therefore quite unique. The basis was the well-known DAF 44 and the total production amounted to only a few thousand copies. 

Large cargo space

It not only had a large loading space, but also a high payload. And of course – just like the DAF 44 – a fully automatic Variomatic transmission, which the Swedish post could easily guide through traffic. The polyester body was a plus, but it was an obstacle for Pieter during the restoration, because a lot of expertise was required. 


When we encountered Pieter and Roelie at an old-timer festival in Drachten, there was a nice reaction from a passer-by who explained the different shape of the Kalmar-DAF as a 'doorzonwoning'. (It's impossible without humor!) It is certain that this Kalmar-DAF attracted a lot of interest and was constantly complimented. 

Auto Motor Klassiek

Pieter: “I have driven all types of DAF, with the exception of the DAF 55, even later the Volvo 66 and the Volvo 343, the Dutch pride unfortunately (?) got a Volvo emblem. A special DAF that I was allowed to own was a DAF Pony with which I made a trip – at the invitation of the English DAF club – through the UK, followed by 40/50 DAFs in all types and versions. Of course I am a member of the DAF club and like to go to events. My loyalty is not only with DAF, but also with Auto Motor Klassiek, of which I have been a subscriber from the very first issue. That makes a valuable contribution to old-timer and classic fun every month, and I'm honestly proud that my Kalmar-DAF can now be in the spotlight."

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  1. I also owned a daf pony top speed empty 60 km per hour loaded 40 km per hour I should never have given up but wanted something faster I exchanged it on one of the first toyota hyace the daf only weighed 750 kg and was allowed to load 1000 kg

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