King DIY construction anniversary


King SELF CONSTRUCTIONSaturday 28 May MotoPort Hengelo is organizing its annual King Self-build Day again. This year it will be a Lustrum edition!

Who will be Koning Zelfbouw 2016? Maybe you? Do you have a café racer, bratsyle, chopper, bobber or a self-built motorbike and do you want to participate? Then sign up now. Participation is free and there are of course great prizes to be won, with the King Prize as the main prize and the eternal fame.

In addition, there are of course beautiful Motoport Hengelo value vouchers for the 1e 2e and 3e prize. Send your registration with photo to

King SELF CONSTRUCTIONIn addition to the competition, there is of course everything to see during this day. We will ensure that a good number of beautiful classics and specials come to Hengelo so that you can make your eyes happy again.

And of course there will be companies that are important for every self-builder. Not only for the Motor such as special parts, pin striping, saddle cover, etc. But also for the rider there is plenty to find in clothing, helmets, motorcycle photography and lots of goodies!

So put the 28ste in your agenda and get on your self-builder or standard bike and come and show off and get inspiration at King Self-build Day 2016!

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