BOVAG and FEHAC elicit remarkable statements from LPG expansion and export growth of vintage cars

More and more owners of classic cars with LPG are removing the car from the gas system. The RDW published figures showing that the expansion of LPG has quadrupled in a few years. It has everything to do with the amended rules for MRB vehicles, which have been in effect since January 1, 2014. In addition, motor vehicles on LPG - that are younger than 40 years - are charged at the full rate. Until the beginning of the year, the age limit for exemption was considerably lower. It was striking that these developments once again prompted BOVAG to make indiscriminate statements to old-timer owners. In the meantime, the FEHAC makes itself heard in a completely different way.


Old-timer owners are shaved together
"In 2012, just over 700 vehicles were stripped of the installation, a year later this is more than 1700 times and in the first quarter of 2014 this happened more than 2900 times," said a RDW spokesperson. In addition to the massive LPG expansion, an export wave of motor vehicles - which from 1 January 2014 onwards come under the amended exemption scheme - has developed. These data tempted BOVAG to put together a large group of motor vehicle owners who were between 1 and 2014 years old on January 26, 40. “Most old-timers between the ages of 25 and 40 are sold en masse. It proves that the owners were not enthusiasts, but that they wanted to sit in ringside for a dime ”, says a spokesperson for trade association Bovag. That is an oversimplified statement.


190s on LPG - especially those from before 1988 - will become increasingly rare.
190s on LPG - especially those from before 1988 - will become increasingly rare.

Various drivers were faced with a substantial increase in charges, which consumed a considerable part of the monthly income. In other words, they suffered a significant loss of purchasing power. In addition, a number of owners made the choice at the time - in a fiscally favorable climate - to purchase an old-timer instead of a younger used occasion or, for example, a new B-segmenter, because these now yielded the same costs due to the tax exemption. Furthermore, the spokesperson of the BOVAG once again ignores the fact that no car owner can anticipate three legislative changes in four years. In addition, the BOVAG forgets that the loss of value of the initially well-paid but now exported cars does not really correspond with the term “sitting in ringside for a dime”. Of course: there are undoubtedly “LPG builders” or “exporters” who use the tax advantage to drive a car in the currently taxed category. But that says nothing at all about the degree of hobby in relation to an old or young timer. That is why the statement of the BOVAG spokesperson is generalizing and very careless.

FEHAC: The government has a simplistic approach to the old-timer sector

A spokesperson for the Federation of Historical Automobile and Motorcycle Clubs (Fehac) has in the meantime confirmed the picture of increased suspensions, such as that - without the figures from 2014 and thus the likely link with the new MRB rules - was presented by the RDW. “Most enthusiasts have several vintage cars. We see that the owners continue to drive a car and suspend the rest. ”In order to counteract the" simplistic approach of the government "towards the old-timers, Fehac has submitted a request to Unesco to be included on the World Heritage List. ,, The cars are actually also cultural heritage. For example, owners are often approached for weddings and events, "says the spokesperson. ,, We just want to highlight the other side. We have had positive conversations with UNESCO, but they are often long-term processes. "

Text: ANP
Edited by: Erik van Putten


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