Lincoln Continental Mark V Givenchy does not practice false modesty

Lincoln Continental Mark V Givenchy
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The line between posh and gaudy is sometimes very thin. Take Lincoln's Designer Series in the 1978s, which are really on the verge of proper balancing. We immerse ourselves in the green oasis of a XNUMX Lincoln Continental Mark V Hubert de Givenchy. Dressed by the renowned French fashion designer. 

Text & photography: Aart van der Haagen

Call the Lincoln Continental Mark V the last of the Mohicans. Before the Ford Motor Company dieted its premium division models. It just served out the 1979s, along with the possibly even bigger rear two- and four-door sedan versions from the Continental program. Apparently that sparked some sentiments with Lincoln himself, witness the bouncer under an advertisement: 'XNUMX could possibly be the last year for a luxury car of this dimension'. 

Relieved of dilemmas

Already with the previous Lincoln Continental Mark IV, Lincoln launched the Designer Series, an imaginative collection of haute couture treatments in collaboration with renowned partners who normally adorn the human body. This relieved the esteemed clientele of the dilemmas posed by the Luxury Groups, with endless possibilities in terms of interior and exterior decoration. For the Designer Series, the buyer left that choice to one of the four experts, Hubert de Givenchy, Bill Blass, Emilio Pucci or Cartier. The latter, invariably called without a first name at his own request, enjoyed a separate status as a watch designer between the three fashion kings. So there was nothing to choose except the stamp of a specific designer. To further enhance the exclusivity, Lincoln challenged his creative partners to come up with a new combination every model year. 


On the basis of the foregoing, observant readers will notice that a 1978 Lincoln Continental Mark V Givenchy is revealed on these pages. At the time of this writing, it is on consignment at Venema Antiques & Classic Cars in Drempt. If the immense bodywork falls mainly on its dimensions and light brown accents, the interior is downright hypnotic. The seats, the dashboard, the door panels, the bulky C-pillars, the sky, absolutely everything is green and of such an intense kind that you think you are exploring the underwater life near a tropical island.

The leather shines towards you and with its smooth structure makes no attempt to keep you in place when the driver gets the head in the head. If you play the Lincoln calmly, it turns out to be extremely comfortable. He also knows a certain modesty, even under the hood, because there is only a 6,6-liter V8 to roar. Only? Yes, instead of a 400 CID you could also opt for a 460 CID, which measures 7,5 liters. It is by no means helping and besides, you want to steal the show with such a Hubert de Givenchy, don't you? It works best slowly. 

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  1. Unfortunately, the Dutch press often criticized and handed over Americans, which was a pity. Because with the exception of a DS-19, what they were made for was absolutely nothing from Europe suitable for traveling through America and Canada. You see, write express is not driving, but traveling. It was done here at the time. I commuted for years with a 1975 Chrysler Imperial Le Baron. The AC was so good, you could hang meat to dry.
    No noise, no noise, 1 finger control and almost no maintenance. Nothing was expensive on such a car and everything worked. Space for 6, a suitcase that just fit skis, and disc brakes all around! We disposed of it in 2010.
    I still miss Madame.

    • Yes, Bastiaan, you hit the nail on the head.
      When you get older one day, "it will rust you in the ass" what others think or say.
      Incidentally, it is more often than not, taking it out on something that you are, can or have, and is unreachable for them.
      You have eaten cheese from cars to “commute” in a Chrysler Imperial Le Baron.
      Always leave with a good prospect and come home rested..with a big grin on your face.
      If you grew up with American cars from the XNUMXs, now it's vegetating with all those expensive luxury “bins” that bring no emotion, excitement or delight to me.
      Twenty thousand euros for a Mark V or an Imperial Le Baron is only small beer, when you realize that in 15 years you will be in a care home or will be tucked away and the life expectancy for today's fast food eating and stressed man barely exceeds eighty.

  2. Have you lost it, but didn't have a very sturdy TV detective not this matching car including matching cigar? I thought about that spare wheel in the trunk bulge. Doesn't really seem like an ideal place to lift my suitcases of designer clothes and my enormous boutique clothes (because I always need them so badly) 😜. Such a trunk gives enough space for my motorcycle suit including helmet and boots.

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