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Louwman Museum exhibits unique collection of Martini Racing vehicles

The Louwman Museum has once again succeeded in putting together a fantastic themed exhibition. This time the museum brings a unique ode to the Martini Racing Team.
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The Louwman Museum in The Hague will be exhibiting a retrospective of German and Italian cars from the legendary Martini Racing team from February 15, 2014 to May 4, 2014. The exhibition was created in collaboration with the Museo Nazionale dell 'Automobile Torino, the Museo Storico Alfa Romeo Arese, the Collezione Lancia Torino and the Porsche Museum Stuttgart. A number of private collectors also cooperated. Special: the German and Italian cars from the Martini Racing collection have never been seen together. 

Lancia importer gives the museum an idea
In the National Car Show of BNR, director Ronald Kooijman of the Louwman Museum said that he was pointed out by the Dutch Lancia importer about a unique exhibition in Turin. There he made contacts with, among others, a few private collectors. “It was a short day, but I immediately went to Turin. I met two private collectors and they were immediately over when they saw the pictures of our museum. They immediately wanted to contribute to our temporary collection. ”Kooijman decided to travel on to Stuttgart to also add some Porsches to the exhibition. “We succeeded. As a result, a collection of German and Italian is brought together for the first time in history. I certainly expect a lot from this exhibition. "

The Louwman Museum has once again succeeded in putting together a fantastic themed exhibition. This time the museum brings a unique ode to the Martini Racing Team.
The Louwman Museum has once again succeeded in putting together a fantastic themed exhibition. This time the museum brings a unique ode to the Martini Racing Team.

Sponsor pioneer
The name Martini Racing is a household name within motorsport. Martini was one of the first major sponsors in motorsport history and gained fame for its technical progressiveness. In addition, Martini Racing has always played a dominant role in many important racing events. The list of successes is extensive and includes victories from Le Mans to Formula 1 and from rallies to the German Touring Car Championships (DTM).

Face Determining

The history of Martini Racing started on December 27, 1970. The Porsche 1971 made its public debut at the 917 World Sportscar Championship on the German Hockenheim circuit. This car was equipped with the official Martini Racing colors. That palette consisted of a combination of dark blue, light blue and red stripes on a silver background. For many years this color combination was a defining feature at all major international motorsport events. Since its introduction, Martini Racing has been featured on the cars of the major motorsport manufacturers: Porsche, Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Lotus, Brabham, Lancia and Ford. The Martini Racing team was always ahead of its time and played a leading role at all motorsport events,

Victory series
The history of the racing stable has many highlights. Martini Racing dominated the so-called 'endurance races' in the 1970 - 1986 period for many years and achieved many victories, including the first Le Mans victory in 1971 by Gijs van Lennep. In the 1982-1992 period, the Lancias of Martini Racing won the World Rally Championship seven times and the Alfa Romeo 155 DTM was the queen of the Touring Car Championships. In the Formula 1, however, the team could not compete with the competition.

Nice collection
The retrospective exhibition consists of historical specimens from several disciplines. Endurance racers such as the Porsche RSR (1974), Porsche 935 (1977) and Lancia Beta Montecarlo (1981) have been exhibited. There are also Formula 1 cars available. The very rare Tecno PA 123/6 (1973) in particular is a showpiece of which director Ronald Kooijman of the beautiful Hague museum is very proud. The rally corner of Martini also contributes. No fewer than six 6 rally cars are part of the exhibited collection. Visitors can marvel at the Porsche 911 SC Safari (1978), the Lancia 037 (1983) and the Lancia Delta S4 (1985/86). Two participants in the Touring Car Championships also fill the museum floor of The Hague, the Alfa Romeo 155. V6 (1995) and the youngest car of the exhibited cars: the Porsche GT3 R (2013) A total of 16 top pieces from the Martini Racing collection are on display.

Wonderful addition
The Martini Racing collection is a wonderful addition to the already impressive private collection of 250 historic cars. The collection is considered the oldest in the world. That is why a visit to the Louwman Museum is an absolute must in all respects. Certainly now that the beautiful Louwman collection is temporarily supplemented by sixteen historic racing cars from a team with the historic Martini Racing name.

You can find more information about opening times and entrance fees of the Louwman Museum in The Hague right here.


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