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audi strutOr so. We are talking about MOTs of old cars, classics and the tension that quite a few owners feel in relation to the chilly business 'market value'.

Does it pay - say - 1500 euro repair costs to invest in a classic that might be worth 3000 euro?

Well, why not? Because do you have a different, fun and good car for 1500 euros?

And let's face it: Everything is perishable. So why wouldn't a set of brake lines be ready after 30 + years? That also applies to shock absorbers, exhausts and more of that inconvenience.

audi flankOkay, it takes a while to take such a cost item, but when your esteemed, extremely durable classic can take another couple of years ahead?

The Audi 100 with its fairly rare 1900 carburettor block is optically still, and will soon be technically in order again, and that is also a pleasant investment. Especially when you have almost been overtaken by the thickest and newest Audi on the Autobahn. A car the size of a village church and with so much power that many fighter planes from after the First World War could suck a gun on it.

We drove around 140 on the right lane. The Fat Audi already started flashing in the mirrors. When he came alongside, he slowed down considerably until he drove immediately. His right side window glided down. The driver gave or a very thick "like!" Accelerated and disappeared like a dot past Oberhausen. Nice is not it?

bxAnd what about the welding on the BX 1400 that is coming up at the next MOT? We let that do without thinking. Because the previous BX lasted three tons, and this one has not even walked two tons ...

Cherish your classic. Think of it as informal care. And enjoy. As long as possible.


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  1. correct, it is a personal matter and hobby that you have such a classic, a statement, cultural heritage. I am currently restoring my Audi Coupe GT '85, later in the sun enjoying a nice tour with my sons, wonderful. It's just a pity that The Hague knows how to suck out the fun everywhere by coming up with bullying rules (road tax, environmental zones). The only thing that matters to them is work, sleep and lug as much as possible to the state. Even if I have to eat mud, that Audi remains.

  2. And as long as you can do a lot of maintenance yourself, you'll also have more fun with it (from my opinion) You get to know your car well and build a bond with it.

    My `85er Beetle never leaves the house if it is up to me… Tis my“ buddy ”. MOT is always exciting…. and they always “find” something… but hey… you're talking about it ..

  3. I had my Oudi fitted with a new engine when the old one broke down. For the time being I will not earn back the investment either, but would I have another nice car for the more than 1000 euro? No, at most a car with work again, while mine had been refreshed considerably in recent years in terms of maintenance and replacement of wear parts.

    Furthermore, it is of course a personal matter.

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