MOT and tax authorities

On the way to the MOT with the C111 ...

During the suspension of your non-tax-free vehicle, you received, among other things, exemption from paying motor vehicle tax. But then you want to have your car inspected ... You can take the suspended vehicle on the public road to the inspection station on the day of the inspection. According to the tax authorities, you do not have to report this to that authority. It could happen, however, that your vehicle is flashed en route to that inspection station by the always active investigators in their black car with colorful, yellow decorations. Then the puppets are dancing, because you will receive an additional tax and a hefty fine - in the context of We can't make it any nicer - through the doormat. Objections can then be made, but you know how that ends ... Apart from the annoyance and a lot of administrative work. The RDW, on the other hand, indicates that you must notify the Tax Authorities in advance! So that's smarter. You can report your trip to the inspection station in advance to the Tax Authorities using the number 0800-0749. Do you see that picture too? No, it is smarter to register this in writing with the Tax Authorities, Central Administration, Supervision Department, PO Box 9047, 7300 GJ Apeldoorn. It is then necessary that you clearly state your name, address and place of residence (with zip code), the license plate number, your Citizen Service Number, the inspection date and the location. And… make a copy of that letter, because you never know ?!

On the way to the MOT with the C111 ...

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