MOT exemption for vehicles 50 years and older now final (update 23/9/2020)

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Recently, it became clear that parliament approved the MOT exemption for vehicles aged 50 and older. The exemption has now been definitively approved. The FEHAC reports this in one of its communiqués. According to the FEHAC, it is no coincidence that this measure comes into effect. "Mobile heritage is excellently maintained and rarely MOT approved."

In 2014, the European Union adopted a new APK directive with the option for member states to grant an exemption from APK for vehicles of historical importance. The Stichting Overlegorgaan APK, in which the FEHAC also participates, had previously advised the Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management. In doing so, the aim was to exempt the oldest historic vehicles from MOT. Motorcycles were already exempt from MOT inspection.

Change not for all vehicles 50 and older

On the basis of this advice from the Stichting Overlegorgaan APK, Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuyzen recently decided to completely exempt vehicles older than 50 years from the APK requirement. This change does not apply to buses and taxis used for passenger transport. In 2008 it was already decided to exempt vehicles from before 1960 from MOT. The SO APK then argued for a shifting limit starting at a vehicle age of 50 years. “Since the introduction of the exemption in 2008, the MOT-free limit has moved further and further in the past, so that now a vehicle was only free of MOT when it was 60 years old. What will soon happen with the APK exemption at 50 years, is simply the recovery of a mistake made in the past, ”they stated earlier this year.

"Few comments on safety"

The FEHAC reports that historic vehicles are generally excellently maintained. According to them, this came up regularly during the APK inspections. It is a fact that has been confirmed by the RDW. “The number of rejects is very low for old-timers. There are also few comments on the safety of these vehicles during the APK, ”it is said. Obviously, it is desirable that this situation remains intact if the APK exemption comes into effect after 50 years. “Good maintenance is and will of course always be necessary,” the FEHAC rightly states. In fact, it is a precondition for maintaining safety.

"Voluntary inspection still possible"

According to those involved, the inspection of the mobile heritage does not appear to make a significant contribution to road safety. Anyone who wants certainty can of course always have the historical vehicle MOT inspected voluntarily. For the time being, it must be trusted that the proper maintenance of the exempted vehicles will also be continued. Knowledge exchange and a visit to a specialist are of great value in this respect.

Start date MOT exemption not yet certain (update)

In an earlier version of this article, we reported that the FEHAC (as well as other sources) mentioned 1 January 2021 as the start date for the APK exemption. It has since become clear that that date has not yet been set for implementation-technical reasons. The RDW reportedly wants to implement the exemption measure in 2021, but January 1, 2021 would be too premature for the time being. We will keep you informed of further developments.




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  1. To the tinkerer,
    I emigrated to Belgium and look back with melancholy to the MOT inspections at your own trusted garage. The specialist garage that also knows your oldtimer and knows where the problems are.
    Have you heard about the horror stories about the Belgian car inspections that, just like in Germany, must be offered at a fixed station. Only…. In Germany the inspection staff still think along with you !!
    In Belgium, most inspection station employees do not know your old oldtimer, let alone think along …….
    1 Europe …… ..

  2. This is a good decision: someone who has such a vehicle will ensure that it remains in good condition. it is after all a second love for many !!!!

  3. The MOT once ensured that most 70s wrecks were taken off the road.
    Now everything (that is still in barns) from that time exempted the MOT! (rising to 2030
    Time is repeating itself!

    Now looking for an early Opel or Citroën or Volvo and nice rat look driving around! A little too much rust is allowed again!

  4. Now the APK is still removed from the car garage companies that only increase their turnover by finding so-called defects and placing them at an independent inspection station.

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