Mercedes 220 SE Coupé 1963. A symbol of wealth

Mercedes 280 SE Coupe 1963
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This peak of elegance came into its own on the old market square in the Boniface city of Dokkum. Where this 220 Mercedes 1963 SE Coupé immediately got a lot of interest. As classic enthusiasts, we recognize that enthusiasm from pure interest. For the sake of completeness it says 'Fräulein', but the seductive lines are all proof. 

By: Dirk de Jong

This Mercedes Benz coupé was reserved in the sixties for the rich and famous. And even now in classic status, owning this graceful car is a utopia for many. The ultimate in luxury and class remains unattainable. Fortunately, possession is not always necessary. As enthusiasts we can enjoy, even though others drive around to my heart's content. And you can't convert that enthusiasm into euros, because pure interest is priceless. 

The owner wanted to unfold his plans for the Mercedes. First of all, enjoy the joys of life with this work of art, such as cherishing an exclusive classic car. In addition, he wants to keep the look of the time, but also install modern technology.

For the future

The owner has perfection as a principle, but also admitted that he would like to see an increase in value towards the future. It therefore serves as a storage place for savings, after all, the value of exclusive cars increases with age. Well… we hear it so often: Money does not make you happy, but some still prefer to see the monetary value rather than the emotional value. Whatever the motivation, we as enthusiasts continue to experience that sense of light excitement at the sight of this Mercedes 220 SE Coupé, and those little pleasures are even completely free. 

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  1. From 2020 Fraulein will be delivered as 560 se .. with modern (injection, ignition and switch) computers and associated powertrain.

  2. This is not right. The coupe of the W111 series was delivered from 1961-1965 as 220SE, from 1965-1967 as 250SE and from 1967 as 280SE.
    This followed the designation of the W111 and W108 limousines.

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