Mercedes-Benz 190 SL stolen

Stoffel Mullier's 190 SL was stolen on Sunday, if you are offered a 190 SL, be alert

Have uninvited on Sunday 23 October the Mercedes 190 SL from Jan Vanbeneden stolen. They went to get it from Castle Van Horst. The white 190 SL is from 1955, has a red interior and the (Belgian) license plate VAY 268. Any help is of course welcome to find this car. The chassis number is A1210425501344 (01) CODE: 191.

Is this car offered to you, either in parts or complete. Then take no risk and immediately call the police or the baffled owner yourself via + 32 (0) 477-248.888 or by mail via

The 190 SL from Jan Vanbeneden was stolen on Sunday. If you are offered an 190 SL, be alert



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