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Sometimes opportunities arise that you as a classic camper enthusiast can not ignore. Take the 319 Mercedes-Benz L1965 D that Catawiki offers in the online auction. A beautiful classic bus that symbolized on behalf of Deutsche Post the activity that had flourished after the reconstruction. Today the sympathetic L319 serves as a camper, and we already know: it is good for years of reliable and recreational fun.

The Mercedes-Benz L319 appeared on the stage of smaller transport vehicles in 1955. The Germans thus entered the segment of, among others, the Volkswagen Typ 2, the Opel Blitz and the Taunus FK 1000. The L319 was a bit bigger and fitted perfectly into the line that consisted of Mercedes-Benz passenger cars and the larger transport vehicles. Depending on the version, it is suitable for a loading load of 1.6 to 1.8 tons. It was also available as a Pritschenwagen, passenger van and closed order carrier. This type was built until 1968 (under different type designations). This Mercedes LKW model was available with the M121 petrol engine and the OM636 diesel engine. From 1961 the L319 received a new and more powerful diesel engine: the 1.988 cc OM621 diesel engine with overhead camshaft and rounded 55 DIN-PK.

Equipped with many conveniences

The copy offered by Catawiki served on behalf of Deutsche Post, and was later converted into a very nice camper, which is in an acceptable condition today. This Mercedes-Benz L319 camper from June 16, 1965 has a bone dry and very reliable OM 621 diesel engine with 199.000 kilometers of life experience, the transmission also functions excellently. Moreover, it is equipped with many conveniences. It has a double diesel tank, a double battery, a gas connection, a well-functioning kitchen (including booklets) and a Webasto parking heater. Furthermore, there is extra headroom due to the installed roof hatch and on the roof there is an original and historically correct roof rack. In 2019, the camper received a fresh coat of paint. The previous owner also renewed the upholstery, and a round seat was fitted during the conversion in the XNUMXs.

Old fashioned credentials

In short: this sympathetic symbol of historical industry is a recommendation for someone who is looking for a striking and characteristic camper with a reliable base. There may still be some mechanical (maintenance) and cosmetic work ahead. But the Mercedes-Benz L319 offers classic charm and technical credentials that enhance the recreational experience. And also - with all patience - fun to drive. The top will be 90-100 kilometers per hour, so you can enjoy the beautifully finished workplace longer. And you can relax from place to place, especially if the conditions in the world allow it again later. Anyway: the buyer gets a very cuddly camper with busty and flawless technology in which the selling party spent many hours of work.

More info and offer

It is possible to buy another trailer in the same color. It is from the same provider that sells the camper via Catawiki, and it fits perfectly with the Mercedes-Benz L319 camper. Need more information about this great offer? And do you think it is time to bid? This is possible via the Catawiki website, which offers the Mercedes-Benz around 20.00 p.m. until Thursday. A reserve price is used and the value is estimated by Catawiki to be more than 20 grand. When you click here you can read more about the Mercedes L319 Camper and the conditions of the online auction house. In any case, we wish the prospective owner a lot of fun with this fine camping Benz from earlier times. And we have no doubt that this will undoubtedly work.



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