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Mercedes Benz museum Stuttgart: more than 800.000 visitors in 2016

Mercedes Benz museum
A stopping place full of Benz history
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The jubilee year 2016 has delivered a visitor record for the Mercedes Benz museum. More than 800.000 visitors found their way to the beautiful heritage in Stuttgart. The 819.793 visitors led to an increase of 6% compared to the number of visitors to 2015. A special highlight was the celebration of the 10 anniversary. In June, this milestone was considered for a weekend. However, the management of the Mercedes Benz museum provided several highlights.

The exhibition with the E-class and its predecessors as a special theme caught the eye. The people involved in the museum organized a Sonderausstellung with numerous versions and model generations of the model that is so important for Mercedes Benz. Ponton, Heckfloss, Strich Acht, W123 and W124 exposed the classic genes of the new E-Class in several versions. The interactive and currently still ongoing exhibition "Eye Alter-Du Kannst dich mal kennnennennen" is a bull's-eye. For the first time in history, this exhibition is not about a Mercedes-Benz model, but about people themselves. This experiences the potential of every age thanks to interactive systems.

More than half of visitors from abroad

It was striking that more than half of the visitors to the museum were of foreign origin: 57%. Furthermore, the share of young to very young Mercedes Benz enthusiasts grew. This is not least because the Mercedes Benz museum organizes activities for the youth.

Open Air and 50 year AMG in 2017

The Mercedes Benz museum will once again show its multidisciplinary activities in 2017. One of the events that the Stuttgart management is focusing on is the Mercedes Benz Concert Summer. That will be a completely new "Open Air Musikerlebnis". The expectations are high. The petrol heads and PK fans will look forward to the already beautiful exhibition in which AMG is central. The exhibition "50 year AMG" takes place in October, and will undoubtedly involve a journey of time ranging from the Rote Sau to the current generation of AMG models.

Virtually enough to see

Finally, it became clear that the choice of the Mercedes Benz museum to also bind the virtual visitor is successful. Through the Facebook channel, the museum has now welcomed half a million followers, on Instagram 210.000 followers know how to find their way to the Mercedes Benz museum. It is the result of continuous innovations in the interactive field within the museum, which will soon welcome the 8 millionth visitor.

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