Opel Kapitän from 1955. More spacious than ever for Pieter Kempenaar. 

Opel Kapitän from 1955. More spacious than ever for Pieter Kempenaar.
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In the XNUMXs there was a new movement in big car architecture, stylish cars with a new personal style, Opel wrote. The enthusiasts of old-timers and classics are still enthusiastic about this type of Opel Kapitän, also known for its reliability. 

By: Dirk de Jong

Pieter is a collector and carpenter, because in addition to his old-timer hobby, he works every day in his garage, where he repairs all brands. He therefore has the opportunity in his spare time to give new life to the classic showpieces. Even through his involvement with the Auto Veteranenclub (AVC), he remains unconditionally enthusiastic. 

life's work? 

Hobby and work are an extension of Pieter. He got the business where his father once started, and has taken over the love for old-timers with pleasure. Enthusiasts always get the chance to enjoy his life's work with him. 

From the late thirties 

Pieter: “For me, the emphasis is on the models from the late 2019s, simply because I like those models the most. You can see the influence of GM's American designers on this Opel Kapitän. The parent company left its mark on the German subsidiary. I took over this Opel Kapitän in XNUMX from a fellow AVC club member and it was technically checked, with the front bumper being re-chromed. The paint was in good condition, only the rear fenders needed to be repaired. The first tire tracks of the Opel Kapitän have been made in Denmark. He came to the Netherlands in the XNUMXs.” 


This beautiful Opel Kapitän is now admired everywhere. Owning this car is special. Especially in this condition and execution it is rarely seen. It now distinguishes itself from other old-timers/classics. After 67 years it has been proven that the Opel Kapitän is tough and that Pieter Kempenaar still has a long life.

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  1. Just had my driver's license in 1963 and then with the Opel Kapitän picked up this Riley RMC Roadster from Blaricum
    Photo was taken on the pp of the just put into use A28 at t ' Harde
    Have fond memories of the Kapitän
    Solid reliable car that drove well

    • Nice photo Menno, how times change: The Riley was then an old-timer and the Opel an old model Opel that in 1963 often only had old iron value.
      My father switched from a beetle to a Record in 1963 due to family expansion (model as in photo).
      In January 1968 he fell silent on a motorway in Germany. Because the car was already almost 5 years old and there were high fines in Germany for stationary cars along the highway, it was a quick decision and ran down the road looking for the first house with a telephone.
      5 hours later the Record was a cube.
      An old (almost 5 years) car, they didn't put any money into it, they just bought a new one.
      At that time, most real old-timers from the 40s and 50s were simply disposed of as waste.

  2. Beautiful car, but those three stars should not really sit on it.

    The Wirtschaftswunder: This model Kapitän had an anniversary model in 1956 on the occasion of the two millionth Opel. The Kapitän model 1955 was decorated with 24 carat gold-plated chrome and drove straight into the museum after the festivities. The three million was reached in 1960 and the four million in 1962.

    • The model was practically unchanged between 1955 and 1958, but in 1957 the power increased from 68 hp to 75 hp thanks to modifications to the cylinder head, a ball circuit steering box was installed and a Borg Warner overdrive became available.

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