1900 Opel Rekord 1972 S Coupé auctioned at Catawiki

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Even in this turbulent period, Catawiki will continue to organize online auctions. Or perhaps we should say: especially in these times. At the moment, Catawiki is holding an auction for German classic cars, among other things. And of course there is another special one: an Opel Rekord D 1.9 Coupé from the first year of this generation and 110.000 kilometers on the clock. 

This is something special. This white Rekord D coupé spent the first half of his life in Sweden. This may explain the excellent condition of this Rekord. Despite the regular winter conditions, there is no sprinkling of brine in Sweden. More than once it has become clear that it is therefore a plus if a classic has driven in the Scandinavian country for a long time. The Opel came to the Netherlands years ago, and here he spent his time in peace. He served as a decoration piece in a showroom and has undoubtedly often attracted interest. The showroom career also means that since the arrival from Sweden only 5.000 kilometers have been covered with the Opel.

Very early Rekord D coupé with high compression engine

What makes this car special is that it is a very early coupé from this generation of the Opel Rekord. This car was built during the early months of 1972. The first D models left the production line in December 1971. The first buyer of this Rekord ticked the most powerful 1.9 liter engine on the order form. That is the high compression engine with 97 DIN-HP, coupled to a manual gearbox with four gears. Furthermore, the buyer opted for a beautiful color scheme for the interior, which has traces of use, especially on the rear seat. The applied red combines well with the exterior of the impeccable Opel. That combination is historically correct and chic. The applied construction quality is clearly visible, the employees who were responsible for the construction of this car did not do half work.

Elegant coupé, in virtually flawless condition

The coupé combines sporty and powerful lines with the necessary elegance, which is enhanced by the sloping back of the passenger compartment, the inward window sections on the side and the absence of the b-pillars. The white color fits the Opel well, as well as the beautiful Whitewalls. You also hardly see because of the chosen paint color (largely original) that this Rekord already rolled off the production line in February 1972. It is offered by Catawiki in a virtually flawless condition. In addition, it is immaculate both under the hood and in other areas under the skin. This is well suited, although the stay in Sweden and life in the showroom will also have done the cosmetic good.

To cherish

Those in the market for a very early production Opel Rekord Coupé of the D-generation would do well to consider or make an offer. This is a unique classic that can be used daily. But given the state, he is even better at occasionally attending an event. Or drive around the fields. Because this Rekord is one to cherish, and to drive a few thousand kilometers a year.

More information

The auction of this Opel Rekord Coupé closes around 23 p.m. on April 20.00. Bids have been made, but they are all below the minimum price the seller asks for. You will find more information about the conditions and about this coupé offered by Catawiki right here.


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  1. Due to an error in the order of a new Record Caravan, where 2 doors were not delivered enough, my father was temporarily assigned a signal red Rekord D Coupe, by the Leeuwarder Opel dealer.
    Several thought it was a 'dustbin'.
    I am writing about the year '76, where we later received the signal green Rekord Caravan 1.9N 5drs with license plate 19-JV-34 (04-1976)
    The red coupe had 2 sets of 2 numbers and ended with ZG
    It was also the last car my father determined the color ……. My mother always had nicknames for her own cars.
    This time also for that of dad …… ..who drove Het Weiland ……

  2. He should of course actually have redwall tires, as were standard on a Sprint. Only: you have to paint it yourself, because no manufacturer makes them anymore.

  3. In my opinion, Catawiki is an annoying chapter if you're looking for a classic. I don't want Catawiki and yet with various search functions that annoying comes up again. He and other auctions can stay away from me. Or build in a switch-off search mode to keep it out.

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