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A while ago we met Cor Tjepkema. He is not only a Peugeot fan, but also the owner of one of the oldest Peugeot 505 copies in the Netherlands. The GR we drove already rolled off the factory tire two months after the press release. We made a report with the Peugeot and the sympathetic owner.

The Peugeot 505 GR looks impeccable. Some time ago it was given a new and expertly applied vert metalissé paintwork, and the car has also been well preserved since then. The external distinction, enhanced by the elongated lines and the slightly rearward-sloping passenger compartment, makes the 505 what it is: a beautiful and subtly drawn Peugeot. Its delicate modesty is also reflected in the interior. Peugeot applied neat upholstery materials and plastic. It reflects Peugeot's design philosophy during the 505s and early 505s. Functionality is pleasantly combined with villainous design sophistication, just enough to get under the skin. With a Peugeot XNUMX this means: complete harmony, which is enhanced by the pleasant seating position that the soft and fine furniture offers. The civilized color scheme in the interior of this XNUMX does the rest, everything fits and everything is right.

Trusted technology

The GR version driven by us has the XN 1 engine from (among others) the 504 GL. The 45-degree tilted power unit is mated to a four-speed gearbox. Very familiar. The Peugeot 505 was developed on the chassis of the mentioned 504 versions, which means: Mc Pherson with coil springs at the front, the hypoid swingarm with drive shafts at the rear and four independently suspended wheels. The Mastervac power-assisted braking system on the 505 GR is equipped with discs at the front and drums at the rear.

Enchanting ride with special stopover

We are going to drive the 505. The owner and I make a nice stopover at the small but masterful museum of Peugeot dealer Haaima in Wirdum. The small Peugeot treasury is a must for anyone with a lion heart. Both before and after the pleasant stopover, we also recognize the historic Peugeot mix of functionality and individuality in the Peugeot 505. And it charms. The freedom of movement, the balance between comfortable suspension and the rather resolute damping: it is unmistakably Peugeot. Yet the safely constructed 505 drives and feels slightly different from its equally solidly constructed predecessor. The emphasis in the 505 is slightly more on comfort. And Cor Tjepkema's Peugeot shows understeer early on. This is already happening at a civilized speed. No problem, because this Peugeot benefits from a calm driving style and that fits with the dignity that the model presents.

Logical operating structure

The driver has also been thought of with this Peugeot. The seat is nice, the operation in this Peugeot 505 GR leaves nothing to the imagination. Most elements are in a logical place. The direction indicator is – in contrast to the predecessor – on the left, the operating structure of levers and buttons is logical and well-arranged. Speaking of buttons: special is the presence of the switch to switch on the fan in the motor itself. Back to driving function controls. Clutching, braking, shifting: everything is done in a confidence-inspiring resolute manner. The non-powered control also communicates well, at lower speeds the control requires the necessary effort.

Old famous engine with very good manners

The old XN 1 engine with double carburettor runs like a charm. Everywhere and in every gear, the 1971 cc engine develops more than enough pulling power and power to keep up with today's traffic. With a nicely spaced five-speed gearbox, the potential of the engine could be used even better and the otherwise unobtrusive engine noise could be further reduced. But the technicians also coordinated the four resistances in the Peugeot 505 GR well. No problem. If you want more solid performance from a classic 505, you've come to the right place with a TI or an STI (with injection, 1995 cc and a five-speed gearbox). As far as we are concerned, the GR is already a very good starting point for long classic rides. It shows sufficient performance capabilities, which are combined with a very nice appearance and touring properties. A lovely car, you can drive it (as Cor Tjepkema once did) to France in no time. Transporting luggage is no problem, thanks to the extremely spacious boot space.

A Peugeot in the very best tradition

It is not for nothing that (only in Europe) this Peugeot was also a long-running model. The foundation for success was immediately laid by the first production series, which, in evolutionary terms, revealed the secret of Peugeot's historic and appealing house style. Presenting evolution and renewed individuality while preserving the good. Cor Tjepkema's beautifully preserved Peugeot 505 GR is living proof of this. In fact, this is a Peugeot in the best tradition of the brand. And that's a very, very telling compliment.


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  1. Have 2 505 Breaks “worn out” Comfortable and very reliable very spacious car. On holiday with 4 kk, the gigantic luggage space turned out to be an unremitting gulp.
    I regularly think back to the straightforward and reliable technology: that was with a whole zipper Citroens and a few Americans afterwards unfortunately different cake.

  2. Yes, really nice, a break, but legally seven people were not allowed to drive it, the law prescribes a MAXIMUM of five people, with the exception of special versions, I have three different
    Peugeot, all three had a lot of repairs, bad luck 😥 is possible!!!

  3. Beautiful Peugeot from a real enthusiast.
    In the break version it was a 7 person option.
    This model was high on the list of export traders. Therefore rare.
    Coincidentally I saw a facelift copy for sale in Vergt (Dordogne).

  4. Very nice car. We got married in 1980. We drove daily in a white 204 (called currant bun). This 204 was not considered suitable as a wedding car. As a reasonable Francophile, I ordered a Peugeot 504 from a rental company in Rotterdam. On the wedding day in September 1980, I was able to pick up the 504 on time in the morning, as was agreed. When I arrived at the rental company, they had an Opel Rekord ready for me. Not in my life, that I'm going to get married there, was my message to the landlord. 'Get me a Peugeot 504 immediately, the official on the Coolsingel won't wait'. We got married in an almost new 505, with which everything turned out fine that day.

  5. “It reflects Peugeot's design philosophy during the XNUMXs and early XNUMXs.” that philosophy at the time went no further than approving the Pininfarina designs! After merger with Citroën, which did have a design department, Peugeot also wanted its own design department. But if you look at the Pininfarina signed 406 coupé and its in-house designed successor, you unfortunately know enough!

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