Peugeot D4B Fourgonette Tôlée (1964). Leisure mobile for Joost.

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Purchasing classics there

You can see it at a glance, this Peugeot D4B is special and very exclusive, especially in the solid condition it is in. The appraiser speaks of “very good”, the good quality has defied time.

It all started on October 22, 1964, the birth certificate with the car is proof. It was registered with the license plate 899 EA 32. The existing car was transformed into an ambulance for the fire brigade in 1973. The location of “Les sapeurs pompiers” was in the town of Montesquiou in the province of Gers in southwest France. The red aid provider was active in the region from 1964 to 1996.

Rolling French oldie

The Peugeot D4B came to Volkel as a rolling old car from a dealer Citroën HY vans and stayed there until he was noticed by Pim Jansen from Renkum in 1998, the mileage was only 72.471.


Restoration gives great satisfaction to see a classic rise again from its ashes. Jaap van der Broek, the specialist from Nieuw Leusen, did the bodywork, but also the technology. Roof racks were even designed for the Peugeot D4B and it received a thorough Dinitrol treatment for many rust-free years. The result gave a warm feeling, love and connection for a model that cannot be expressed in money. Yet Pim exchanged his old love for… a new love in which Joost came into the picture.

Car enthusiasts

Car enthusiasts have a lot to say about their cars, so the further story in Joost's own words. “After the purchase I didn't have to do much to the car, the engine ran like a charm, but of course it took some getting used to. Short accelerations, a lot of noise, I didn't dare to drive that fast, I keep 85 kilometers as a maximum. When you see the front of my “leisure mobile” you will immediately fall in love. Almost everyone you meet, on the road or at the campsite, thinks it's a sweet thing. It's just a lot of fun driving, you see people smiling. The design had to be simple, an awning on the side and one at the back, a conversion around the pull-out kitchen and of course the well-known camper equipment for a pleasant stay.”

Modern time

Joost: “In 2015 it turned out that the engine was consuming quite a lot of oil and an engine overhaul was required, which I carried out together with a friend and an overhaul company Kees Broos from Breda. In addition to new crankshaft bearings, connecting rod bearings, new cylinder sleeves and pistons, I also installed an electronic ignition and an alternator. These were concessions to modern times. It's my pride on wheels for primitive holidays, pure nostalgia! Just going out on a nice day, the freedom to stand somewhere a little longer, always an adventure.”


Joost: “There comes a time for everyone when age becomes a limitation for enjoying a wonderfully primitive holiday. And I therefore decided to put the Peugeot D4B up for sale. There is a limitation. It can only go to an enthusiast who will cherish the car as much as I do. There is a complete documentation available for the pleasant addiction of owning this Peugeot D4B”


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  1. It's good that AMKlassiek also pays attention to these little-known, and therefore less popular vans. It doesn't always have to be one Citroen HY or VW T1 are meant to be beautiful and fun.
    This D4B is actually a 203 with a larger coat, just like the VW T1 is a beetle.
    I have a 203 myself, the mechanical and steel quality of Peugeot from that time is simply excellent.
    With this bus you can appear in one of the many Louis de Funes films.

  2. What a sweet little thing!! I myself, I don't know them from the street scene here from 1964 and so it is unknown to me. But good work has been done. Love for the sweet and beautiful. That car should really only end up with an enthusiast and pamperer. However, I did see a non-original air filter. I think that's a bit of a shame, but as long as the engine runs well, it's fine of course. All too often, the installation of something like this disrupts the carburetor operation, meaning that its jet configuration has to be re-examined.

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