Porsche is celebrating its seventieth birthday this year

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Porsche is celebrating its seventieth birthday this year. The first Porsche was registered on 8 June 1948: the 356 'Nr. 1 'Roadster. The Porsche brand was born on that day. The 356 was the creation of the sports car that Ferry Porsche dreamed of. It was the start of a journey that would lead to the status of the largest sports car brand in the world.

Start in 1948

The history of Porsche starts in 1948. The brand is built on the life's work of Professor Ferdinand Porsche, which was continued by his son Ferry. Ferdinand Porsche had pioneered innovations for the automotive industry early in the 20 century. For example, in 1900 he built the Lohner-Porsche, an electric car with a wheel hub drive. This model served as the basis for the world's first four-wheel drive passenger car. In the same year, he designed the basis for hybrid vehicles with a gasoline electric power train. Ferdinand Porsche started his own engineering firm in 1931. The Berlin-Rome car from 1939 was the starting point for a sports car named Porsche. However, it was his son Ferry who realized this dream in 1948 - with the 356.

The 911, backbone in the Porsche history

The successor to the 356 was the 911 designed by Ferry's son Ferdinand Alexander. With this model, Porsche broke through as one of the world's leading sports car manufacturers, both in terms of technology and design. The 911 was presented in 1963 and more than one million copies have already been built. The 911 has been systematically developed further over the years and has been equipped with new, innovative technologies. Yet every 911 is recognizable as such, and still very popular today.

Other icons too.

Not only the 911 has been important for Porsche. In fact, each model represented an important interpretation of the range, which became increasingly diverse and extensive over the years. The VW-Porsche 914 was received with mixed feelings, but due to the application of the mid-engine there was an unparalleled handling. The concept gave Porsche a wonderful insight into the world of optimum weight distribution. The later trans axle Porsches (924, 928) were proof of a new interpretation of that concept. The later Boxster and Cayman also excelled because of their excellent riding qualities, and the proportional distribution of mass was also important. Porsche also developed cars for other segments. The Cayenne, the Panamera and the Macan are exemplary for the expansion of supply. On the other hand, Porsche built sports cars in a smaller scale. The Carrera GT and the 918 Spyder (with hybrid technology) are true exotics. And of course Porsche is building for the future. The fully electric Mission E (600 PK and can be charged to 80% within 15 minutes) is destined to add a new chapiter to the impressive Porsche history.

Race legends

Porsche also made an impression soon after the brand came into existence in a competition context. The Leichtsporter (356 variants, the 718 W-RS Spyder and the later V8 Boxers made an impression. Various 911-inspired circuit and rally variants also competed for the prizes. The 917 KH, with which Gijs van Lennep and Helmut Marko in 1971 remain special won the 24 hour at Le Mans, and in recent years the 919 Hybrid has won the prize, keeping the impressive Porsche honors list in the oldest race in the world, and the two eighties Porsche victories in the Paris Dakar rally.

The jubilee year

Porsche celebrates the 70 anniversary with many activities. The special exhibition 'The Porsche Effect' can be seen from 3 February in the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. In 'DRIVE, the Volkswagen Group Forum' in Berlin you can visit the exhibition '20 year Porsche sports cars from March 31 up to and including 70 March'. Naturally, the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart is also celebrating the celebration, with a special exhibition starting from 9 June. On that day, Porsche also organizes the 'Sportscar Together Day' worldwide. In the weekend of 16 and 17 June there is a big Porsche party in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen and Porsche also pays attention to events such as the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​(12-15 July) and the Rennsport Reunion (27-30 September in California). the special anniversary. The festivities will get a noisy conclusion on 13 October during the 'Sound Night' in the Porsche Museum.



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  1. Certainly Porsche is one of the leading sports car builders, but I have never held my breath with a Porsche model, such as with several Ferrari / Pininfarina models. The Cayenne is certainly boring and other models not much less.

  2. Professor Ferdinand Porsche also scored with an air-cooled 1,2,3 and 4 cylinder engines that were used in the Allgaier tractors together with a very special hydro coupling. When Germany was ready for the agricultural mechanization, Porsche took over Allgaier and supplied the more or less the same building row its own name, the first Porsche Diesels.
    Erik, if you want to know more about it with some illustrative photos, I'd love to hear that. 70 year is special!

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