Queen Elisabeth II

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Found in the old photo box, a picture that once stood in the then-then leading magazine Life, the current British princess shows in February of 1945. She had just joined the army in the section Women's Auxiliary Territorial Service. With army number 230873, she was trained as a driver and mechanic and, among other things, drove a truck from the British army. Incidentally, she is the last - still living - member of the British royal family who served her homeland in the 2e World War.

Photo: The British Queen Elisabeth as a driver and mechanic in 1945. Whether we ever see Maxima do that again ... 

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  1. Has known this story for a long time, one of the reasons why I
    admire this queen. Indeed, see our maximums not doing that
    they are also different times… very different times.

  2. Have you ever looked beyond the “picture”? Have a look at what this originally German family stands for? The picture has been used for propaganda of the elite mass murder machine! Our so-called Oranges are no better. They are behind all of humanity's misery. Satanism, murder and pedophilia is their hobby. When the Winsor's and the Oranges return their honestly stolen belongings to the one they stole it from, there is no 3rd world and everyone has food, clean drinking water and a roof over their heads.

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