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The first Range Rovers were first cousins ​​of the Land Rovers
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What did evolution do with the species?

Range Rovers are monuments. At the start of their lives, they were actually the first cars to combine uncompromising toughness with a sort of brutal elegance. They were full-service off-road vehicles for the gentlemen. Enthusiasts know the original model as the Range Rover Classic, the second generation as the P38A and third generation is known as the L322.

In the beginning

The early Range Rovers were built on a ladder chassis, just like the Land Rovers at the time, but under the Range Rover there were spiral springs instead of leaf springs. Land Rovers newcomer had permanent 4Wd, around disc brakes and was powered by Rovers aluminum Rover V8 engine with 3528 cc.

The name Range Rover was confusing for some. The brand was Land Rover. The model was called Range Rover. There were various versions of the Range Rover such as HSE, Vogue and Autobiography. Then there was the choice of power sources: TDV6, TDV8 and Supercharged.

Not good enough for the Germans

At the launch of the L322, Land Rover was owned by the BMW group. The development of the L322 was one of the most expensive projects for BMW, as the original Range Rovers did not have the reliability and technology required by the Germans.

From type name to brand name

But under whatever umbrella brand Range Rovers are made, the 'branding' has won in practice. Everyone speaks of Range Rovers as a 'brand'.

The Range Rover now

And then you almost get in shock when you stare at a Range Rover Velar. In the least, it no longer resembles its original father, has an 3 liter six-cylinder diesel (or a two-liter four-cylinder diesel) under the hood, an eight-speed automatic transmission and - luckily still - 4WD. Die Velar is the intermediate model between the 'small' Range Rover Evoque and the Range Rover Sport. The naming already indicates that the Range Rovers have evolved at least at the marketing level. The car looks the most like a station wagon with somewhat different proportions.

A glass panoramic roof, air suspension, entry lighting that works just like the calling light for Batman, but in reverse. A sport mode that lowers the car and makes the suspension stiffer. Sunken door handles that come out if necessary without even being restrained by an 5 mm thick layer of ice (what climate change?). If the Range Rover travels faster than 8 km / h, the door handles retract modestly into their holes. Beautiful. Touch screens. A tough noisy flashing light machine. (That must be discussed).

But will that become a classic?

In short: The new Range Rover Velar is a hit. A fantastic automobile. But whether it will ever become a classic. We don't think so. He has evolved too far from his original.

And to wait 25 + years for the right or wrong of that thought? Ah. We live now. And now it's just much more fun, much more fun and much tougher to own, cherish and ride an early Land Rover Range Rover.

Go for the fun

Because although those cars did not meet the BMW quality requirements, they are fantastic toys that you can still hang a very serious horse trailer behind.


So that becomes him from 2018

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