State Secretary Weekers is almost checking himself in a classic car file

The State Secretary unknowingly admitted that he had not done his work on the old-timer file properly for a year.
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It has just been announced that State Secretary Weekers has made a new mistake with regard to the classic car file. Weekers has announced that they have no sympathy for the alternative initiated by Team Vrijstellingoldtimer (lowering the old-timer limit to 30 years and a one-year postponement) that the Senate party of the PvdA proposed yesterday in favor of a better arrangement for old-timer owners. The arguments used by the State Secretary in particular raise questions. And probably checkmate him in the file.

The State Secretary unknowingly admitted that he had not done his work on the old-timer file properly for a year.
The State Secretary unknowingly admitted that he had not done his work on the old-timer file properly for a year.

Fully shot
Weekers and his officials from the Ministry of Finance have completely abandoned the plan. The argumentation with which the disapproval is stated is remarkable. State Secretary Weekers indicated that Car Interests used incorrect calculations in her impressive file. It detracts from the excellent work that Team Vrijstellingoldtimer has been doing for months. In addition, Weekers still assumes that the implementation of the 40 annual compromise leads to indiscriminate payment of the MRB, while it has already been demonstrated that 92% is not going to pay the road tax or not pay it in full.


Wouter van Embden, foreman of Team Vrijstellingoldtimer, says: “In conclusion, the Ministry of Finance still appears to be insensitive to our arguments, even now that the Senate has explicitly asked for it. This cannot be without consequences. "

New calculations of confession of negligence State Secretary
That is a correct conclusion from Van Embden. Because, at the very least, it is strange that the State Secretary suddenly appears to have new calculations. That was announced in a merry way, but it is a confession that you are saying to yourself. Because with this, Weekers actually indisputably indicates that the figures previously used by the Ministry did not serve as the correct starting point. This only makes it more clear that the 40 annual compromise has never been established on the basis of the correct financial calculations.

For the Senate, this development must therefore be confirmation of the poor quality of the intended adjustment to the age limit of 40 years. She can now do no more than intervene. Because the State Secretary, who systematically ignores the correct calculations and arguments, has definitely failed. It became clear earlier that he provided the Chamber with incorrect information about import figures. He also played a debatable role in the establishment of the 40 annual compromise. By unintentionally demonstrating once again that he has not done his job well for a year. By reporting that he has new numbers. While the correct figures are already known. They were presented by Team Vrijstellingoldtimer in its impressive file. The State Secretary has unintentionally maneuvered himself into a thorny position.

(More later)


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  1. Yes John, we can keep puking on our wise government servants, who we even pay with our pennies! It is clear that we must unite and infiltrate political The Hague. The most important thing is that we become independent, get out of the straitjacket that our government gives us. Read the Sovereign man! Finish the story and color the places.

  2. It really hardly ever happens that a VVD failure hare leaves voluntarily. So almost means that French just stays put. If they send Frans away, it will be their turn in no time, and the VVD falcons do not want to run that risk. Nobody in the business world is waiting for this cheerful Frans or Anouchka van Miltenburg.

  3. Nonsense plan. I've also paid for all kinds of things for years. That is no reason to stop contributing. What we are waiting for in the Netherlands is a simple, effective and above all fair road tax system in which we pay according to use. If you don't drive, you pay nothing. If you drive little, you pay little. If you drive a lot, you pay a lot. The problem is that our politicians love endless differentiation and they are incapable of making broad policies. Our entire civil service does not benefit from simplicity and justice. This would make themselves largely redundant. That is why nothing can be done easily in this world of civil servants that has flown out of control.

  4. Weekers puts new dairy cows dry / new cars no road tax.
    Dry cows must again give milk to oldtimer tax.
    Anyone who can afford a new car also has MRB money. these are more of them than oldtimers.
    After asking the RDW, Weekers will ask how many have already been suspended and are still coming after this rule.
    Then it will be a meager income new cars elect and hybrid are more of them !!!

  5. It is as always the same song, you just have to see money, to cover the shortages that they have caused or caused themselves to occur, so the solution was: look at the group with large numbers and get your money short> unfortunately they are blind to all those foreign workers who tour around here WITHOUT paying road tax and who also take up many of our fellow countrymen's jobs at unfair rates. Weekers is therefore seeing blind and using completely wrong arguments is not a reliable politician.

  6. First say it was for the environment. We now know that it is a small country with stupid drivers. My father warned his children about this government in 1968. I never thought my old man had such a vision. Soon we will have bicycle pictures again, just like before the war. When that happens, we know that we are back to the level of the 30s a century ago. How do you keep the people small ..... Hendrikus Colijn thought that we could still make very tasty soup from fish heads. If we don't do anything now, I am afraid we will soon be back on the fish head soup!

  7. It's that simple actually
    All cars that have paid road tax in the Netherlands for 25 years are free of road tax. Are you immediately rid of those old polluting cars that are free of road tax and that have never paid a cent road tax in the Netherlands

  8. It was also not to be expected that Mr. Weekers in his immense wisdom would suddenly turn tack -and for his friends on his buttocks-. If he had turned back now… He represents the government and it has been agreed, so I think he couldn't do much else at the moment.
    In the past I should have paid a little more attention to the state administration lessons, but this was, I believe, the last part of the 2nd room, Now only the first room is coming and that is where our much appreciated Team Exemption oldtimer had aimed its arrows.

  9. Again PRIMA argument. BUT Weekers has gone wrong before and the fire was put to the shins IN the 1st room. And what happens then; "Fransje, you can't do that anymore, fooj". And so it ends, unfortunately.
    Look at defense, "oops says the blonde pin up minister Plas gladly of defense, did I build a boat of EUR 600.000.000 in Romania from the money of the people, I have no soldiers, or what are those popeyes called anymore? to sail with it ".
    Yes will end up on the marketplace.

    Fyra, another drama. Well and where do you pick it up again ………… .. need I say more.

    For example, Fransje has submitted a Stiff proposal to let foreigners pay road tax voluntarily, well that is throwing an elephant to death with cotton wool.

  10. Yes Weekers, you can't get out of that anymore… .First room do your job and send this proposal to the trash can… .. just lost on facts !!!!! Record your loss and thunder from The Hague

  11. Carla Vd Veen that's just the way it is. During the last elections, everyone fell for it again, they had the chance to do something, but still decided to choose "safe". So instead of PVV (because that was perhaps dangerous and if you did it then you were an ASO and racist and fascist and I know what) but VVD and PVDA, CDA and I know a lot, because they were reliable ???? NOT! !!! I am also almost certain that among many people who are now protesting, there are several who voted VVD or PVDA. And about that group, I have thoughts that I shouldn't share publicly.

  12. Pay attention, here too he knows how to turn himself off and otherwise his friends will do it for him. Those cash bags have a chronic money shortage that needs to be replenished. Those billions have to come in, it is not left or right. Moreover, they go to great lengths to keep the cabinet going and they will therefore not submit motions against each other that threaten the continued existence of the cabinet. Of course I sign every petition I come across, and of course I am opposed to these plans because I will also be hit on 1 of the 2 cars. The opposition may represent the majority in the first chamber, but I doubt whether they will dismiss these plans.
    Those who have strongly and actively opposed Weekers and his plans from the start: HULDE !!!!
    But unfortunately I am afraid that the plans will go ahead anyway, because they have AND never attracted anything from the people, AND as mentioned before, they need those billions.
    Of course I hope that the battle that is being fought will yield the desired result for the entire group of classic car owners.

  13. So this is the end of Weekers' political career: he has informed the House incorrectly / incompletely, even knowingly MISLEAD, so he will have to resign !!

  14. Come on, we are wrong he drives for free anyway, does not have to pay for road tax and fuel Jan the worker will do that for him
    and he just wants to get a white foot do not have a classic car of his own but I agree with you it is just rubbish but yes he does not feel it and the people who are bent over for their beautiful hobby do
    can only say HATS OFF FOR YOU continue to fight what you 100% go for let's hope that the verdict of the first room works out well for you oldtimers

  15. I hope the first room does what they were created for.
    Checking for truth and then approving.
    In this case they must disapprove, otherwise our system is not bad…. worth.

    Grt Ben Carpenters

  16. it is a mindless bastard who makes mistake after mistake and gets out of it plus gets his way. It is just not normal for such a person to have such an important job with his LOI diploma and the sense of a bucket of vomit (Weekers is the Bermuda triangle of the treasury)

  17. First wanting to please the environmental lobby and then come up with a measure that is completely misplaced and does not do anything to improve the environment. And all this, based on suspicious calculations, collected with a lot of art and flying work. Planks are cut with thick wood. Typical of this government.
    Proud owner of a self-restored BMW e28 (on clean gas), which is old but not dirty!

  18. he digs his own grave ... but how many people will see that it is a grave and not another foxhole ... so far he has received assistance and trust ... while he has been caught in lies and untruth several times ... this man is our downfall, if they don't stop him !!

  19. Not a bad word about team Exemption oldtimer, if there is someone who has calculated correctly with unmanipulated figures, it is Wouter and his team. Every normal thinking and calculating person cannot ignore this, and otherwise Wouter for president… perhaps reason and knowledge of files will finally return to political The Hague.

  20. You and the entire team are doing a wonderful job, whatever the outcome may be, my sincere compliments… in a word CLASS !!!

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